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  1. A

    Closet grow - Is continuous harvest possible with auto fems under same lights?

    at the moment i only have a closet for space .. was wondering if i can run a continuous harvest with auto fems without changing my lights ( thou i do run red and blue for flower = 400w hps & 125w 65k cfl ) .. i know people still like to run blue for first few weeks of veg then switch to red with...
  2. B

    Unknown Strain CFL Continuous Bud Cabinet Veg Box

    hello all this is my first grow journal i hope it to be a continuous grow hopefully taking a yield twice a month by staggering my plants from veg to bud, but things are not yet fully set up. so far i have: 10 clones (rooted as far as i can tell but still young) 7 seedling (bag seed unknown...
  3. toker69

    My Continuous Auto Closet Grow - Pink Salad!

    Hi everyone! :ciao: I want to start my own grow journal here to share ideas, and my grow photos. My goal is to grow just enough fresh herb for my own medicine. About an oz a week! I choose an autoflower strain called "Pink Salad" because it was a regular (not feminized) strain with a low...
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