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  1. Bert N. Ernie

    Caregiver that's in a different county

    Dear 420 Legal Eagles: My patient is in a neighboring county -- can I legally grow his medicine? Thanks, Bert N. Ernie
  2. 3jtoday

    Helicoptors doing flyby's

    We have our medical marijuana cards from Alternative Care Clinic and have below our legal limit growing in the ground. We live in a rural area where helicoptors do flyby's for one reason: looking for illegal grow operations. Our's is not an illegal grow operation. I suspect at some point in...
  3. OG Kushsta

    A.P.C.C.- Happy Holidays-12-12- Menu- Lowered Donations, Increased Compassion

    Happy Holidays to all our 420Magazine.com freinds! Here is our Newest Menu::smokin2:RoorRip:rollit: Clones Now Available!! Buy 2 Get 1 Free!! ********Clones are 20$ Donation************** -Golden Kush-Master Kush-Platinum-Lavender-Super Silver Haze- Grams and Eighths- Barack O...
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