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We have our medical marijuana cards from Alternative Care Clinic and have below our legal limit growing in the ground.

We live in a rural area where helicoptors do flyby's for one reason: looking for illegal grow operations. Our's is not an illegal grow operation. I suspect at some point in the near future they are going to be knocking down our door. Most likely confiscate all our medicine and put us through the ringer to extort as much money as they possibly can from us.

Any advice on how to notify law enforcement that we should NOT be subject to daily flyby's for LEGAL growing for a personal prescription. Basically leave us alone; we are not doing anything illegal.

The County of Riverside in CA issues medical marijuana program cards at a cost $150. Do I need to that card in addition to having the patient card and physician's statement from Alternative Care Clinic?
They just circled over again. Twice today at least 3 passes each time. I consider that harassment. Who can I call to complain about helicoptors circling over my house daily? The helicoptor do not fly close enough for me to read the lettering on the darn things.
Did you ever see the movie Good fellas?....jk...I have seen outdoor growers put huge red crosses next to or around their grow, I will look for pics be back soon
You could try calling the sheriff but that may just be inviting trouble. And you're right. If they show up they will probably just confiscate everything and tell you to explain in court. There's not much you can do. Do not let them in the house or on the property unless they have a search warrant and have your MMJ authorization form there handy so you can show it to them if they show up.
Sorry can not find it...It was a huge farm in cali with huge red crosses or is there a mmj flag? idk? But yes have ALL papers ready.
dlanik...Whoa up a minute. First, if you have your med card(s) and your are growing the legal amount (6 plants per patient is standard) and you are not an ex-felon, you should be OK. I suggest you make sure by checking the County of Riverside medical marijuana guidelines website (usually located under the Health Dept link) to make sure your are within. If you are in a caregiver capacity, some rules have changed. Some counties have or are passing new caregiver standards which basically state the person(s) you are med growing for have to also reside on your property. Again, check this out for your area.

If you think about it, the helicopters dont know for sure if you are legal or illegal in terms of having the proper documentaion and I doubt if they'd burn the fuel to come back again and again as it's an awful expensive way to harass you. Dont take it personal. Besides, I do belive the "death from above" guys also have to file flight plans which creates a public record and someone at the County level would have to justify the xpense of harassing/hovering over your legal grow. General these cowboys and I say that with all due respect, as they are just doin their job, are only called in when large grows are spotted if it's even that.

I wouldnt make any calls, unless to express your concerns in seeing the helo repeatedly and inquire as to if something is going on in your area you might need to know about (not a bad idea) ie; fire, escaped convict (yikes!), mountain lion sighting (double yikes!) etc. Could be a lot of different things.

The days of the "man" coming in and seizing your meds etc are pretty much over if you are growing your legal limit and have proper documentation. They literally dont have the investigational resources/funding for small med growers and theyve got their handsful keepin an eye on the bazillion dispensaries that are popping up on every corner these days. And they tend to be careful of pulling med plants simply because they know from experience that it can get legally ugly/embarrassing for them down the road if not done properly/correctly. There are not too many DA's (District Attorneys) making their way onto the political scene these days by busting legal marijuana med patients. It's becoming political incorrect, as it should be.

Suggestion: Wave at em with a big smile if they come back again and just hope theyll be there for ya when you really need them.

Footnote: Make sure a copy of your script and a grow log(day by day diary of your grow) are posted in a conspicuous place near your garden. If you are doin a LEGAL med-grow, it's no big deal if Officer Friendly does show up. It is part of the med grow thing simply because we are legally allowed to grow medical marijuana and they are legally allowed to insure we do it within the statutes of the law. It's a reasonable trade if both parties play fair. DONT expect the worst, DONT have a lot of traffic and DONT have loud parties etc! BTW "Visits" tend to generally happen when neighbors complain of the strong odors associated with the garden. They should check your script to insure validity and expiration dates, verify you have the legal amount of plants and should then go merrily on their way. (They shouldnt be allowed entry into your home and they already know that.) Hope this helps calm ya...peace n good luck MF
I think it's important to make sure you understand the police guidelines for the area where you live.

In San Diego for example - the published police guidelines say that outdoor growing is prohibited. This is based on CITY OF SAN DIEGO LAW ENFORCEMENT GUIDELINES REGARDING POSSESSION OF MEDICINAL CANNABIS

I make no claim of knowing whether this rule is enforced or even consistent with the law - only that I found the document

No outdoor marijuana cultivation shall be permitted.
Growing marijuana shall only be permitted in a fully
enclosed greenhouse or structure that must be locked and
contained. The amount of marijuana grown in the enclosed
greenhouses or structures that are locked and contained will
be limited by the indoor plant guidelines

I tried to find this for Riverside but I couldn't. I did find this hour long youtube on the Riverside police explaining the rules; but honestly didn't watch it ;)

YouTube - Riverside Sheriffs Explain Medical Marijuana
One thing that should make you feel a little better is that even in San Diego they don't seem to be going after patients growing personnel. It's the collectives/clubs they are resistant to.

Keep us updated if you don't mind - best wishes
Thank you for the advice. It was very helpful. I calmed down (my scrip is for anxiety), read the all the information that is available, and made a good plan of what to do if they came knocking down our door.

We haven't had any flyby's since the day we held up our paperwork as they were flying over. Apparently it made a difference because they have not been back. Not one flyby since that day. (coincidence?) I know they saw us holding up the paperwork as they flew over. Do you think they went back to headquarters and blew up the pictures to see what the paperwork said?

We are actually under our limit and are following all the published guidelines. It is a legal grow, and that is my final answer.

I watched the video, and I am still not impressed with the Riverside County Sheriffs. However, they seem to be pulling their heads out of their @sses and recognize the need to develop policy. It is an improvement from the arrest now and ask questions later stance of our neighbors to the south. It would seem opposition to dispensaries would help strenghten the individual growers' case.

On a side note, we are starting to harvest. I'll post pictures in a few days.
D, good to hear. Yep, good to always have a plan. Even with proper documentation and remaining within the legal guidelines, growing your own medicine can still be quite stressful. If youre not worrying about Officer Friendly, it's fear of being ripped off by the dreadful pirates just before harvest time. Bugs, critters, disease OMG. Hang in there, sounds like youre almost at trail's end...:peace: peace n good luck MF
We made it to trails end without incident, yes!

Our closest neighbors were harassed by the local authorities, but theirs was a legal grow and survived the incident without seizure of property. This was after lengthy questioning and scare tactics employed by those out to get the big bad pot grower. I found out there are several other neighbors with grows some legally some not. No wonder the helicoptors were doing flybys.
We made it to trails end without incident, yes!

Our closest neighbors were harassed by the local authorities, but theirs was a legal grow and survived the incident without seizure of property. This was after lengthy questioning and scare tactics employed by those out to get the big bad pot grower. I found out there are several other neighbors with grows some legally some not. No wonder the helicoptors were doing flybys.

Ah, the end of the trail...At first ya think, "Man, I aint doin that again..." and then, next thing ya know, youre thinkin, "Well, if I do this differently n maybe change that..." and before you know it, come spring, yer off n runnin again with a brand new plan...But always include the following 4 farmer/grower rules- 1)Be cool. 2) Be legal. 3) Stay under the radar. 4) Love thy neighbor, there is strength in numbers...LOL @ trail mix :peace: peace n good luck MF
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