1. N

    Seedling Issues

    Does anyone have any idea of what's wrong with this seedling? Is it wilting or am I just overwatering it or neither? Sorry as this is my first grow. I water it every other day and it was doing great for a while then out of nowhere it began to do this. Note, it is in a 1-gallon fabric pot as...
  2. magicfingers

    Green Crack - Week After Planted Still Have Seed On Top - HELP

    Hello! Was just wondering if it is normal for it to take a week (and a day) or longer for the seed to completely pop off of the plant and for it to show it's first set of leaves. I attached a few images to help you grasp what I mean - please help! Worried I did something wrong. I put them under...
  3. 20180501_222447 (2).jpg

    20180501_222447 (2).jpg

  4. Arandombeast

    Should it have more room?

    I have researched the hell out of this, and wanted to get it right the first time because my space is so very limited in a small two room apartment. I've been reading that a properly tented plant should have about a 2ft by 2ft floor space unless employing the sea of green method. I grew three...
  5. A

    First time grower - Autoflower super soil question

    So I'm planning on planting an autoflower seed or two.. or three, .. my problem is that I would like to visit said plants as few times as possible so I've been looking into 'super soils' from what I've read the BioBuzz all mix is too hot for seedling to begin growth in, but the BioBuzz light mix...
  6. triumph2134

    GSC Mainlined Grow Journal - 2018

    Welcome to my first grow journal of hopefully many! Been growing for a bit but we can all use as much advice as possible right? I want plenty of :volcano-smiley: from my girls. Lets keep this simple! ANY ADVICE IS WELCOMED ADVICE. Keep it classy.:Namaste: Strain: Girl Scout Cookies...
  7. H

    New Member to 420 - Best place to introduce a product?

    Excited to be new member. Need some advice on how to get the word out on a new vaporizer packing product I have created. Any advice would be appreciated as I haven't the slightest idea of where to start.
  8. F

    1st Hydro Grow - Problem

    Hello! I Would love to get some advice from fellow growers. I’ve been growing in soil for some years but now im trying my first hydro attempt with Wilma drip system. Temps 26c Ph 5.8 Using FloraDuo nutrients by GHE both grow & bloom 5ml/10l I also have big airstones at my reservior...
  9. Spondylo Grow

    Tops and new growth yellowing with every water & feed

    Hello everyone. Fairly new grower seeking tips, ideas, suggestions, etc... Currently growing 4 plants under LED in a small tent (all specs below). For the most part, the plants seem healthy and everything is moving right along. But for some reason unknown to me, every time I water, whether it...
  10. S

    New in business - How do I outdoor grow?

    Hi, I'm a new member and from Germany. I'm about to grow outdoor next year but I don't have a clue how to start growing outside. Help from you guys would be great. My grow spot is pretty good. The sun shines round about 14 hours a day. The temperature in the morning is between 15 ans...
  11. M

    New guys seek set up advice

    Hi all I'm here seeking some advice from those of you with a wealth of knowledge. After 3 years of growing auto flowerings seeds outside in soil in south of the UK with a south facing garden and had varying results each year, i've basically become increasingly frustrated and i'm moving to...
  12. B

    Advice needed

    Some of the leaves are drooping and some are curling a little on the sides. Is this normal or what could be wrong? They are 9 days old and this is my first grow. (Picture below)
  13. E

    1st time growing - Need your advice!

    Growing 6 plants, are you able to identify their genders yet? What advice would you give based on the photos posted below? Edit: for some reason it won't let me post photos, what is the best way to show photos of my plants?
  14. M

    Which seed

    Need some advice on my grow, Whats best autoflowering seed to go for under a 600w hps light in soil inside a trojan gold 10 tent (1m2 2m tall). How many could i fit inside the tent am going for yield. Any advice is appreciated Mr A Bud
  15. A

    Need help identifying an issue

    Hello fellow forum browsers, Some of the plants in the grow tent are showing the following signs. It is day 12 from seed germ. The grow tent stays on the warmer side, 82-86 deg F. I've been using the following chart for watering, except I have not been adding the optional CaliMag...
  16. T

    Input overload

    :Namaste: Hi everyone. First ever grow, doing it indoors. Autoflower. Growing in coco and Using Advanced Nutrients' PH Perfect Base A+B Coco. Planning to also use their Big Bud Coco and Sensizym. All sorts of conflicting advice from all quarters and with serious memory problems (possibly early...
  17. M

    Mystery strain - 8 weeks in flower and just pistols - Advice

    Hey guys got some master Kush along with mystery strain. Originally thought it was MK but now certain it is a sativa dominant mystery strain. It's been about 8 weeks since flip and all I see are pistols but no bud development. I have read some sativa strains have a very long flower time. this...
  18. F

    Need Advice - Please Help

    I'm a 51 year old male that's recently been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. Been performing extensive research and have decided to try cannabis oil...instead of radiation and/or chemo. I am planning a trip to CO but need advice of what to do once I arrive there. I believe that I...
  19. T

    New grower - Needs lots of advice

    Hey y' I live in Oregon where it's legal ...and I want to start growing...I have a corner in my man cave I would like to start's a small space...I have been reading a lot and my head is spinning...I would love some advice on lights and soil...and even what to feed and how...