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  1. F

    Autos in Veg not looking so good: Can anybody help?

    Hello! So I’m new to growing and I keep getting yellow leaves on my plants. I’m growing Autoflowers in Fox farm potting soil with some organic composted living soil. I’ve also used a Roots Organics top dress (6-1-2). They’re in 2 gallon smart pots right now so I’m watering every 2 days or so...
  2. S

    Beginner in need of diagnoses & advice

    Hey everyone ! Just looking for some advice , recently 3 of my little ones in veg have started to make these very odd leaves. I won’t say its spreading but it almost seems to be. Originally only one had the issue but now all 3 have it to varying degrees. Living in Fox Farms Happy Frog, using...
  3. Coastal Dharma

    Help! One of my plants is looking a little sick/sad and i dont know why!

    Hello all! One of my plants is looking a little sad and i dont know why.. Its gotten the same treatment as the rest of my plants and they're all looking fine. I have 10 plants in total. They're under two 1200W ViparSpectra dimmable LED's, 4 fans running on fairly low speeds(more than enough to...
  4. Hypnotic420

    Can you harvest small amounts instead of the whole plant?

    I was wondering since it’s close to harvest time if I could cut off the colas that look like they are ready? It’s my first outdoor grow and the larger colas have about 25% amber in them but there are smaller ones that have about 50-60% amber throughout. Any suggestions for me?
  5. C

    Nute burn? How to fix it, first grow

    Hey guys, I think I have nutrient burn. I was watering with low ec/ph’d water at first, but then I made a mixture of nutrients based on instructions from dr coco. I currently water with low EC(45, Tap water) PH’d water since I noticed the burn yesterday. Should I flush it as well until the...
  6. G

    Second Attempt Autos!

    Hi everyone 9 days into my second grow. Ive learnt alot from my first attempt and thanks to everyone that gave me feedback on my previous thread. Using LEDs, a fan and putting plants outside on sunny days. Getting at least 20 hours of light out of 24. Careful watering around plant only when...
  7. G

    First Grow!

    Hi all, I'm 13 days into my first Grow. I have 2 Fem auto magnum buddha seeds 11 litre pots with plant magic soil. Getting about 11 hours direct sunlight daily. Been watering gently with a spray bottle Increased water today by pouring 2 litres each and won't water again until soil has dried. I...
  8. K

    I need help deciding what to change my soil to on my 2.5 week old seedlings

    My plants look good and have a nice colour to them, but 2/6 are curling upwards, I’m considering changing the soil. Their almost 3 weeks old. Ordering stuff online would take too long. Would it be okay to mix Golfgreen Organic Potting soil (GOLFGREEN® Organic Potting Soil, 25-L) and their...
  9. K

    I need help on deciding the new soil to use on my 2.5 week old plants

    My plants look good and have a nice colour to them, but 2/6 are curling upwards, I’m considering changing the soil. Their almost 3 weeks old. Ordering stuff online would take too long. Would it be okay to mix Golfgreen Organic Potting soil (GOLFGREEN® Organic Potting Soil, 25-L) and their...
  10. Hypnotic420

    First time grower looking for helpful tips

    I’ve run across random seeds from people I know that grew random bud and they gave me a bunch so I started to grow them. The first two plants I grew I did with the 18/6 light indoors and one plant died from root rot. For some reason the roots weren’t absorbing the water and nutes. The soil was...
  11. B

    Auto advice for medical patient

    This is my second ever grow and my first auto. I'm growing two Revolver feminized seeds, germinated April 30th. One popped May 1st and had a tap root an inch long last night May 2nd), the other didn't pop. Both went into seedling soil under a white veg light at 18/6, we'll see if the one pops...
  12. T

    Howdy: Advice on Sprout, Veg & Bloom with LED grow light

    Hi All - long time weed geek and first time (intentional) grower. Looking forward to getting off the ground, in more ways than one. I built out my grow tent with a Roleadro 1000W LED Grow light from Amazon. I intend to sprout in jiffy pellets in station and plant in soil. Do I need to use a...
  13. J

    Soil & Nutrient Question

    Hi all, First time grower and loving it so far. Here are my 2 Feminized AK plants that I germinated on the 27th of March and planted on the 29th of March. The smaller of the two had grown downward under the soil and I had to perform emergency surgery (I must have accidentally pointed the...
  14. J

    New Grower Needs Advice: Top Canadian Soils?

    Hello, Brand new Canadian grower here. I have been researching a lot for this upcoming season but keep getting anxious and overwhelmed about the amount of options for a growing medium. I will be growing autos in pots outside and in soil but still have not decided on the specific type of soil...
  15. Easy super cropping tool:D

    Easy super cropping tool:D

    I found this on line and bought it, used it on my plants, works pretty well I would say,
  16. O


    yo 420, I just wanted to know if my plant is budding right. It's about 60 days. Stain: gorilla glue. This is my first grow. Using gh flora- 1ml micro 0.5ml grow 2ml bloom 2ml bud candy 2ml big bud. May i know if plants are growing healthy.
  17. Scottylikesbud

    Unknown Flowering Plants 2000W LED Hydroponic

    Soo I’ve been growing these two since late October, switched the light schedule to flowering on the fifth of January. This would make it its fourth week since the switch. I am growing them in 5 gallon buckets (with two air stones each), currently under a 2000 watt apelilia led light...
  18. R

    Advice needed

    So I have decided that I will be setting up my 80 x 80 x 160 today I just have I few obstacles to get past first so I need you guys advice. 1# How do I set the fan and filter up cause I’m using it outside of my 60x40x60 tent at the moment. 2# How many fans should I have inside and where...
  19. D

    Should I get an MMJ?

    Heya. I'm a 19 year old Cali boy and I'm considering getting an MMJ. I've had crippling anxiety for years and I feel marijuana can help. I know I want an MMJ but my parents are very anti-weed and they're the one's paying for my college. Anyway, could my doctor find out if I got an MMJ and, if he...
  20. D

    Spots on plants leaves, please help, first grow: again, more pics

    40% Sativa, 60% Indica 2 months old 5 gallon pot 600w HID light (about 22 inches[56 cm] from plant top) Food: Sensi grow - from advanced nutrients BIOTONEX DENSO - from CANNABOOM Growing in soil, feeding about 0,5 gallons (2 liters) of water every 2-3 days (this ocures only on few leaves) Last...
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