1. B

    Auto advice for medical patient

    This is my second ever grow and my first auto. I'm growing two Revolver feminized seeds, germinated April 30th. One popped May 1st and had a tap root an inch long last night May 2nd), the other didn't pop. Both went into seedling soil under a white veg light at 18/6, we'll see if the one pops...
  2. T

    Howdy: Advice on Sprout, Veg & Bloom with LED grow light

    Hi All - long time weed geek and first time (intentional) grower. Looking forward to getting off the ground, in more ways than one. I built out my grow tent with a Roleadro 1000W LED Grow light from Amazon. I intend to sprout in jiffy pellets in station and plant in soil. Do I need to use a...
  3. J

    Soil & Nutrient Question

    Hi all, First time grower and loving it so far. Here are my 2 Feminized AK plants that I germinated on the 27th of March and planted on the 29th of March. The smaller of the two had grown downward under the soil and I had to perform emergency surgery (I must have accidentally pointed the...
  4. J

    New Grower Needs Advice: Top Canadian Soils?

    Hello, Brand new Canadian grower here. I have been researching a lot for this upcoming season but keep getting anxious and overwhelmed about the amount of options for a growing medium. I will be growing autos in pots outside and in soil but still have not decided on the specific type of soil...
  5. Easy super cropping tool:D

    Easy super cropping tool:D

    I found this on line and bought it, used it on my plants, works pretty well I would say,
  6. O


    yo 420, I just wanted to know if my plant is budding right. It's about 60 days. Stain: gorilla glue. This is my first grow. Using gh flora- 1ml micro 0.5ml grow 2ml bloom 2ml bud candy 2ml big bud. May i know if plants are growing healthy.
  7. Scottylikesbud

    Unknown Flowering Plants 2000W LED Hydroponic

    Soo I’ve been growing these two since late October, switched the light schedule to flowering on the fifth of January. This would make it its fourth week since the switch. I am growing them in 5 gallon buckets (with two air stones each), currently under a 2000 watt apelilia led light...
  8. R

    Advice needed

    So I have decided that I will be setting up my 80 x 80 x 160 today I just have I few obstacles to get past first so I need you guys advice. 1# How do I set the fan and filter up cause I’m using it outside of my 60x40x60 tent at the moment. 2# How many fans should I have inside and where...
  9. D

    Should I get an MMJ?

    Heya. I'm a 19 year old Cali boy and I'm considering getting an MMJ. I've had crippling anxiety for years and I feel marijuana can help. I know I want an MMJ but my parents are very anti-weed and they're the one's paying for my college. Anyway, could my doctor find out if I got an MMJ and, if he...
  10. D

    Spots on plants leaves, please help, first grow: again, more pics

    40% Sativa, 60% Indica 2 months old 5 gallon pot 600w HID light (about 22 inches[56 cm] from plant top) Food: Sensi grow - from advanced nutrients BIOTONEX DENSO - from CANNABOOM Growing in soil, feeding about 0,5 gallons (2 liters) of water every 2-3 days (this ocures only on few leaves) Last...
  11. HugePeckerhead

    Best and safest websites? here's a small background. I got lucky and found one seed from some really good bud I bought. Can imagine how better it would be if it didn't get pregnant. anyways I started that seed nearly 2 months ago. Current picture of it is my profile picture. I built a grow box and all. I...
  12. P

    Very High Humidity

    Hi All. New here. First grow. Having issues lowering my humidity. Would appreciate some experienced help. Whole setup below is in basement which is always cold, typically between 17 and 21 degrees Celcius. Intake draws from the floor outside space and exhaust exhausts outside space at...
  13. Greengrower021

    Need help

    I’m not sure what can be the cause of this deficiency but it’s showing more and more on the older leaf. This seedling is 18days old. It’s been on 24/24 cycle the entire time. I have added nutrients since day 14th (3part advance nutrient: micro, grow and bloom / cal mag/ root enhancement). ANY...
  14. Quality G

    Would love some advice as I am new to this

    When do I start to supper crop or snip heads to grow into 2 .... and would like your thoughts on my plants / are they healthy or not
  15. R

    1st Grow, Six Different Plants: Types, Age, Phases

    Hello, I can't wait to learn more and create monster buds one day. I have to start out by saying I am on a disabled vet with 4 kids kinda budget. Buddy gave me 2 plants near death, read a little, washed roots, and transplanted into organic potting soil/perlite/ peat moss. Had them in bottom...
  16. Cannygrow

    Lollipop yes or no?

    Hey guys just wanted to get y’all I put on wether or not I should lollipop my oldest girl .Critical purple from G.C on about the 36 day , I presume she is in the first week to second week of flowering. This is my first grow and wanted some seasoned advice should I or should I not lollipop? And...
  17. Cannygrow


    Hey guys I need a trained eye to let me confirm or deny my suspicions I think I might have some mites in my tent. I have no experience in this but my plants is exhibiting small holes with yellowing around them you can see some of it in the pictures. And help advice ?!
  18. Brnwn4

    First Time Grow! Some From Clones Some From Solo

    SOIL GROW Strain - 1 cherry bomb, 8 Gorilla Bomb, 1 Grand Daddy Purp, 2 Blueberry Gum, 3 girl scout cookie. I have some cookie wreck cuttings rooting also. # of Plants - 15 plants Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage – Just Started Vege Setup – Not Sure? Light – viparspectra 600w (600PAR T) Nutrients -...
  19. Growingasmile

    My piston pump is chooching at 130f

    I just bought this pston pump it's ultra noisy and hotter than i would like is 130f normal temps? Should i return the pump?
  20. Growingasmile

    Heat from a piston pump, also noise

    Anyone know how to reduce the noise and heat generated by a pond pump? I love the smell of cannabis getting ready for sleep it's like a mowed lawn but with cannabis.
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