I need help deciding what to change my soil to on my 2.5 week old seedlings


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My plants look good and have a nice colour to them, but 2/6 are curling upwards, I’m considering changing the soil. Their almost 3 weeks old. Ordering stuff online would take too long.

Would it be okay to mix Golfgreen Organic Potting soil (GOLFGREEN® Organic Potting Soil, 25-L)
and their Organic compost soil with worm castings (GOLFGREEN® Organic Soil with Compost & Worm Castings, 25-L)

I’m growing indoors. One has stretched out so much but it’s thick. All plants were kept the same distance from the light but it kept growing into the light so I had to keep moving it down. I’m just concerned with the curling of the leaves


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