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  1. S

    Slammy Pajammy's Indoor Organic Supersoil Ladies, 2019! 2nd Ever!

    Hey everybody! Long-time lurker, first-time journaler! I'm looking to try and give back to the community that I have intermittently participated in for the duration of my first grow! I'm not a hugely organised guy, so I wasn't keeping a very consistent (physical) grow journal for my first grow...
  2. B

    Reviving a badly burned girl

    So this is my first grow (auto Daiquiri Lime) and I ’m growing in coco and adding biobizz. I’m about 8 weeks in and thought my plant was quite small so thought I’d up the nutes a little to see if that would help boost her - bad idea!! I burned her quite bad. Anyway, pretty sure she has stunted...
  3. Wallanaise the Haze

    First Time: Outdoor Grow

    Hi All, So i have finally decided to try out my first grow now im the proud owner of a small garden. Unfortunately i have no room in my house for an indoor grow so i have no choice but to risk an outdoor grow with the British Summer (which as of late has been very good, hence trying this out)...
  4. Jewgrow

    Slow & stretched growth of seedlings: please help

    I’m a first time grower and when looking at everyone else’s seedlings their leaves are right up against the first set, while mine are stretched and the leaves grow farther apart. I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong and I’m sure it’s lack of light, but I wanna fix it ASAP. I’m almost two weeks...
  5. 8

    First Time Grow #1 White Widow Feminized

    Location : Alberta, Canada Strain : Crop King Seeds - White Widow - Feminized ( 60% Indica - 40% Sativa ) Set up : Gorilla Grow Tent 4 x 4 w/extension poles ( Inside 9ft x 9ft x 8ft Room ) Lights : California Lightworks Solar System 550 LED ( Used with Solar System Controller ) Exhaust ...
  6. TinyBuds

    Unprepared First Timer

    I'm a first time "grower", who got into it completely unprepared. Long story short, my brother got a bunch of random seeds from his friend, and they have been sitting in my cupboard for a few months. I was bored one day so I chucked a few seeds into an old flower pot my wife had sitting on...
  7. S

    My Girl Scout Cookie is looking sad! Need nutrient help!

    So for probably about, a week now? My girl scout cookie looked to be experiencing nitrogen toxicity... clawing tips, dark green leaves, especially older growth was looking really dark and waxy/shiny. However, she IS sucking a lot of lower leaves down to yellow, then brown and crispy (lots more...
  8. C

    1st Time Grow, Let Me Know What You Think

    Legal grow here in Michigan. I've always wanted to grow so I decided to invest a little over $600 for all materials including seeds. So here's what I went with: 3x3 mylar tent 600w vipraspectra led 4 inch inline fan w/ ducting and carbon filter Hanging ratchets A few 5 gallon and 2 gallon...
  9. B7EA30F5-4A5A-4550-A0F1-AC1E0109287D.jpeg


    The roots after a week?
  10. Kraizk

    Newbie from the UK could do with some help with first grow

    hey guys and gals new to growing here and think im doing pretty well lots of reading and very much enjoying the whole process, im mainly focusing on micro growing and scrog as i dont have loads of space so im growing 2 plants to see if i can grow some healthy plants this is my grow space, i did...
  11. Quality G

    Super crop: bending and securing down

    Are my plant old enough/big enough to be bent and tied down would appreciate the info
  12. 420Eire

    I'm a new member

    Hi, I'm a new member:) check out my first ever grow, currently on day 74 and 64. They are w white widow xxl by dinafen!
  13. 420 Fast Buds genetics

    420 Fast Buds genetics

    Again, part of the first attempt. Post some from the new set up soon
  14. Mini Nugs

    Mini Nugs

    My first indoor run, not quite the same as Mother Nature. Was running 4 individual DWC pots. Have since gone to a 30 gal 4 pot RDWC. Ended up with a decent finish
  15. SmokAlott

    Need Help: My Seedling Is Yellowing

    Here are my 3 seedlings in between 1.5 & 2 weeks old.Can anyone tell me the overall status arevthey good or bad its my first grow and its bag seed...i have some Criticsl Purple from GCS otw!!!!
  16. NeelDJ

    1st time grow box

    So I finally found a seed that germinated and it's been 40 days since it started popping out of the soil. My motive is to keep the plant small, so I did some LST and topped it on day 40, this post is in day 41. My question is, should I flip it to flower now? Here are some pictures of it...
  17. Kvarrasso28

    Mabel1st Grow: Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil, Indica, March 2019

    Strain - Unknown /Indica # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Flowering Bucket Size - 7 Gallon/fabric container Lights - Outdoors/ 12 hour Nutrients - Fox Farm Nutrient Trio Medium - Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil PPM - PH - 7.0 RH - 50% to 55% Temperature -Florida sun @ 90’ Solution...
  18. B

    First time grow how does it look?

    First time growing. Just curious what others think about how it’s looking
  19. T

    Terpsi's First Grow: Lamb's Breath Auto, SWG Jack Herer & Sour Diesel Under LEDs

    Hello and thanks for checking out my first grow journal, this is a learning experience for me so strap in! I like to go all out so i'm starting with two tents, one with Auto flowers and one with photo periods. I have been doing research on this site for a few weeks and now my seeds are done...
  20. I

    Green Crack First Grow First Journal

    I am in the veg stage with GC started this seedling about 1 month ago and just recently topped and getting ready to transplant when I determine if they are all female I’m on 18/6 light and waiting about 2 more weeks or more to switch to 12/12 I don’t have a lot of room or much money so I am...
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