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  1. LKABudMan

    1st Grow: Jumping Into The Deep End, DWC

    It just became legal in Virginia to grow four plants a couple of months ago. I gave some old bag seed to my brother and father, and they both started growing in soil. I have some gardening experience, but I do not get good sun, and would prefer to grow indoors. I home-brewed previously, and...
  2. Macho Munchies

    1st Time Grower Journal From Spain With Twin Plants

    Hello there fellow members, I hope everyone is doing well and chilling with their favorite strain. I’m a first time grower trying out an indoor grow room here in the warm and humid Spanish Coast. Photo: The Setup I’ve decided to join the forum in order to share my journey as well as...
  3. Otterbear

    Otter's Wedding Cake Autos: Indoor With Coco & Perlite In Air Pots, 1st Grow 2021

    Day 23: (Vegetative) I’m a little late to the party but I’m on day 23 since I put the seedlings in the mix. I have 3 total to start. I don’t know if I should be doing this, but I don’t adjust the PPM or EC of the water, only PH level. One plant isn’t looking so hot (3rd pic) and I think the...
  4. J

    First time grow

    so this is my first grow I wanted to try some different techniques and was wondering if anyone had some tips for where I am at in the process . The smallest one is a banana auto the rest are photo. I have only been bending the largest out of fear of topping but after reading up more I fee...
  5. 1626489444761605922437.jpg


    Organic hybrid
  6. S

    Sp4z, Spaz: GG #4 First Time Grower

    Hi Everyone, I posted my first hello a few weeks back. I'm home from vaca and ready to dedicate the next few months to my beautiful new babies. My Setup: 4x4 gorilla tent Autopot x4: 12.4 Gallon Reservoir with 3.9 Gallon pots AC Inline T4 - model# AICLT4 ROI-E420 LED lights 1x clip fan Clay...
  7. 20210315_215328.jpg


    Day 43 of flowering and looking for guidance as this is my first grow. Should I harvest according to the pistils changing to brown or pay more attention to the trichomes? There are 20 colas that look the same way and don't want to harvest too early. Thanks all for any input!!
  8. Tommboy1973

    Tommboy1973’s Outdoor Desert Autoflower 2021

    Welcome to my first grow!! I live in the Sonoran desert in AZ, where it just became legal to grow 6 plants. My hubby doesn’t want me growing indoors cause of the kids, so I decided to try an autoflower outdoors even tho winter is not the right season. We only get a few freezes here so I figured...
  9. B

    Brads 1:1 CBD Auto Haze Indoor Soil Grow 2021: First Indoor Grow

    -Indoor grow -Soil : Promix HP -Feed Indo ( see photo) . Started very diluted feed at end of week 1 -LED light 1000w First two weeks at 36inch height, At week 2 lowered to 30 inch - Strain: Autoflower Fem 1:1 Sativa dominant CBD haze XXL. 8 percent THC to 8 percent CBD - Humidity was a struggle...
  10. Z

    What is wrong?

    It's my first time and i'm already confused, I don't think this is normal but i can't really really find anything about if this is normal. The seed has been in the soil for a week now... shouldn't there be leaves on it already? Please help!
  11. L

    New grower: Light green patches on fan leaves: Please help!

    Hey guys, this is my first grow attempt. She's Barney's Farm Blue Cheese Autoflower, germinated about 2 weeks ago and shes been in soil for 10 days. Using 125w CFL. 20/4. Rh - 50%. Temp 27°C average. Started off well but when i tested the water PH it seemed a bit high so i used pH- for the...
  12. B

    Day 16

    Alrighty so I’m on day 16 I noticed my plant is a little behind the curve but I believe that’s because in the beginning I was over watering, it had a large amount of growth between day 14 and 16. Just wondering if I should keep my same schedule or if I need to switch it I’m running blurple leds...
  13. S

    Looking for some advice: first grow

    Hello ! Thank you for taking the time to help me for you do not know me and are incredibly kind to take the time out of your day to advise me. As in title ,this is my first grow! So i am fairly inexperienced. Here is some info on my setup though. -2x2.5 tent -(2) 300W ViparSpectra LED -4 Inch...
  14. stardawg17

    Stardawg17, Dutch Bucket, Cookie Wreck, 2020: Dive Into The Deep End

    Hey 420. Welcome to my first grow journal! It's also my first time growing...not just MMJ...pretty much growing anything. My wife had a car accident that left her addicted to opiods. Now, she has nerve damage, chronic pain and some other pretty heavy health issues. Obviously, opioids aren't...
  15. staynew49

    About To Start Flowering 7, First Time

    I have 7 ladies starting flowering today at 7 pm and 6 more ready to flower in a couple of weeks it is all for personal use. Aren't they beautiful, I'm so excited to finally be starting the Flowering. One thing that is amazing is that I have only used nutrients , 2 times in the whole 6 weeks...
  16. Agnes


  17. J

    Yo yo yo, auto Northern Light, small buds? Long left?

    Hi guys and gals, this is my first grow in a very very long time and just need some re-assurance. its 8 weeks and 5 days old. I feel like the buds are not filling out and just wanted to opinions from the knowledgeable peeps on here. how long do you estimate is left? are the buds actually...
  18. F

    Purple Kush Auto 5 weeks old

    Hello guys that's my first grow ever. I wanted to ask about it's size if it's okey for 5 weeks old from seed. Here are some more pictures with the cfl only on so you can see better.
  19. D

    When do I flower?

    Good day everyone! I'm trying to figure out when to flower this Tangerine Dream.. it's been a month and a half in veg. I'm planning on moving her outside within a week and would like some advice on when to trigger flower. She's getting bushy with two toppings and minor LST. Thoughts?
  20. D

    Purple stems droopy leaves

    Hey guys this here’s my first grow attempt running 2 dual spectrum 130w cfls and 1 veg spectrum 200w cfl. 4 inch inline pulling out thru filter. 5inch booster bringing in. I have also placed a humidifier in the tent as my lights on RH is about 30-35. Rh hits 60+ when humidifier on and intake off...
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