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  1. F

    Purple Kush Auto 5 weeks old

    Hello guys that's my first grow ever. I wanted to ask about it's size if it's okey for 5 weeks old from seed. Here are some more pictures with the cfl only on so you can see better.
  2. D

    When do I flower?

    Good day everyone! I'm trying to figure out when to flower this Tangerine Dream.. it's been a month and a half in veg. I'm planning on moving her outside within a week and would like some advice on when to trigger flower. She's getting bushy with two toppings and minor LST. Thoughts?
  3. D

    Purple stems droopy leaves

    Hey guys this here’s my first grow attempt running 2 dual spectrum 130w cfls and 1 veg spectrum 200w cfl. 4 inch inline pulling out thru filter. 5inch booster bringing in. I have also placed a humidifier in the tent as my lights on RH is about 30-35. Rh hits 60+ when humidifier on and intake off...
  4. E

    Seeds not sprouting

    I am a first time grower-I started with 15 seeds. All but 4 germinated (with the paper towel method). I planted the seedlings (?), in seedling soil, and in a mini greenhouse (heating pad, with a clear cover and little seed pods). The seeds entered the mini greenhouse 2 weeks ago...and nothing...
  5. B

    Cluster of small leaves at the bottom of my plant

    Sup mates, i need your help with my plant. I got some small clusters of set of leaves at the bottom of my plant, I don’t know if it happens usually as it’s my first time growing. Also my leaves are turning bit yellow and dry. Your help would be grea
  6. G

    First Grow!

    Hi all, I'm 13 days into my first Grow. I have 2 Fem auto magnum buddha seeds 11 litre pots with plant magic soil. Getting about 11 hours direct sunlight daily. Been watering gently with a spray bottle Increased water today by pouring 2 litres each and won't water again until soil has dried. I...
  7. J

    Help! New grower with spots on plants

    Hi! im looking for advice for my plants I’m brand new to growing and I’m running into the issue of the small round leaves turning yellow and/or developing brown spots And some have brown streaks on the bottom of their stems. I was wondering if its the ph of my water (which I believe might have...
  8. O

    My second ever grow, 1 Gorilla Glue 4 & 3 Blue Cheese

    please see photoS of my 2nd grow, with notes at important stages. Cana 1 + 2 used, Dutch explode and pk19, still drying so hay type smell, but know it will be perfect in 3-4 weeks time
  9. O

    My Second Ever Grow, 1 Gorilla Glue 4 & 3 Blue Cheese

    please see a weekly photoS of my grow, with notes at important stages. Cana 1 + 2 used, Dutch explode and pk19, still drying so hay type smell, but know it will be perfect in 3-4 weeks time
  10. C

    First Grow Join Me In This Adventure! Week 1 Flower

    Hey guys I'm kinda new to this I've been gathering information all throughout grow I'm tryna go with more of a scrog grow but who knows what will happen in the end I have 7 plants in a 32x32 under a 1800 watt. Updayday led light kinda a unkown light but hey it's worked for me so far and it...
  11. K

    I need help deciding what to change my soil to on my 2.5 week old seedlings

    My plants look good and have a nice colour to them, but 2/6 are curling upwards, I’m considering changing the soil. Their almost 3 weeks old. Ordering stuff online would take too long. Would it be okay to mix Golfgreen Organic Potting soil (GOLFGREEN® Organic Potting Soil, 25-L) and their...
  12. S

    Is everything okay in this setup? Noob

    Hello, i have been doing lots of reading on this site and was wondering if someone could give some advice on my setup. I know that AC infinity would have been better than the fan and filter i got but i figured it will work. This is my first try so please be kind! I am still unsure as to what if...
  13. Hypnotic420

    First time grower looking for helpful tips

    I’ve run across random seeds from people I know that grew random bud and they gave me a bunch so I started to grow them. The first two plants I grew I did with the 18/6 light indoors and one plant died from root rot. For some reason the roots weren’t absorbing the water and nutes. The soil was...
  14. meejay

    Seems (feels) like a female? What do you think?

    Hi there, I was checking on my first grow and just realized something I was looking for. She is still in 24/0 vegetative stage but what I saw on above 6th branching seemed a sign of a female plant to me. Below you may find the photos. What do you think? Is she a SHE?
  15. J

    Growing in 2*2*4 space...any advice?

    Just started my first grow and am in a small space so needed tips on pot size and when to flower, etc, considering I have such limited area. Only growing two plants currently in 3 gallon pots 2 months old where do I go from here?
  16. meejay

    Do I need transferring into a larger pot?

    Hi there, I wonder if the pot is ok for this baby. She is in a liter (app 4 gallons) pot at the moment and growing fine in my opinion. What do you think? Do I need to transfer her?
  17. P

    7 weeks old seedling

    This is my first grow. I germinated this seed at the 10th of February. It's been growing extremely slow. It is in a closet with a small fan and LED light (18-6 light cycle). I believe it looks healthy, however I don't quite know why it isn't growing with decent pace.
  18. meejay

    Meejay's Outdoor Cheese Haze Grow Journal, 2020

    Hello everyone. This is my first growth attempt in 25 years of smoking weed. I will try to give as much information as possible throughout my journey. Unfortunately, I have found this site during 3rd week of vegetation stage last week. I have just decided to write a journey as well. What...
  19. I

    How are my setup and plants looking? Help!

    Could someone please help me figure out why these 2 1/2 week olds are not doing as well as I’d like? On a 18/6 light schedule 400w metal halide bulb 22inches away from top of plants, I water every 2 days (about a 1/4-1/3 a solo cup of water) ph around 6, the soil I’m using is the soil in the...
  20. briartoadvine

    Briartoadvine's Outdoor Afghan Kush & Banana Punch Grow Journal 2020

    Start Date: March 17, 2020 2 Clones Afghan Kush and Banana Punch Indica and Indica Dominant Hybrid Veg Stage, Five Days Indoor (for now) Soil - Mother Earth Terracraft Potting Soil (18 qts each); Black Gold Perlite from Sungrow (20% added to AK soil mix) 4.5 gallon plastic nursery pot (2) (2)...
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