OnBailCuz Aka OBC - First Run - Mimosa X Orange Punch Barney's Farm


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Strain/s: Mimosa Evo x Orange Punch
Genetic Makeup: Hybrid 35% Sativa 65% Indica
Pot/Bucket Size: 3.5 Gallon
Tent Size: 8' x 8' Gorilla Grow Tent
Grow Space: 4' x 4'
How Many Plants: 1
Environment: Indoor
Stage: Vegative
Medium: Soil Mix 70% Perlite 30%
Lights: 480 Watt LED
Nutrients: Swift Grow
Room/Tent Temperature: 24°c
Relative Humidity: 70%
Media/Res PH: 6.5
Pests: None
Watering: Once Daily

This will be a part of a series of grow logs I plan to share with the community its my first ever grow so any advice, tips or pretty much anything really is welcome, I will update the logs every few days - seeds from herbies seeds








Mind if I watch? The orange mimosa is absolutely a beautiful plant when fully developed. You're baby got big real fast!! 💎💎💎
Not at all please do so and any tips, tricks or anything in between is welcome....

Yeah every day as I'm checking on her I can notice the growth got me thinking on how cool it would be to watch a full time lapse, so I might consider to add later or on my next grow
Temp 27.3°c
RH 69%

I didn't add any water today as I thought it better to wait another 24 hours to let soil dry out a bit, I've included a couple pics of my set up at the moment I am only using one corner for my plants but when they take off I'll start using the other corner still while keeping myself plenty of room to work around




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