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    sorry if this is in the wrong feed... but I need help with my first plant. I left for a couple days, leaving my friend in charge and she just about killed her... typical rookie mistake of "doin too much". we saw bugs so she decided to buy Safer brand insect killing soap... not my idea!! I just...
  2. C

    CrazyCarl's First Grow LED 100% Indoor

    First this is a LED grow and will be 100% I have seen others that start then finish with other lights added. I wanted low power use and like trying new tech. Also I will be updating everything on first page here. So if you stop by and it looks like I am not all there I will be getting this...
  3. luvsmokinweed

    My First Attempt At Cloning & Topping! Did I Do Either Right?

    Hello Everyone!!:welcome: This will be my first ever attempt at "cloning" and "topping"!!! I will be trying it on my "SledgeHammer" using TakeRoot Rooting Hormone for the cloning prosess. If i succeed, I will be topping the rest. I might clone them too!! Anyway... Here is the cut!! Did I cut...
  4. W

    First Timer Closet LED/CFL Low Budget - Advice Welcome!

    - - - - - My plant log!! - - - - VEG STAGE The plant was up rooted nov,26,2012 potted and taken to my house. SETUP- -one 18' -15 watt 10,000k photon energy H/O -LED day light strip. one 120 watt 1800 lumens sylvania night chaser halogen- 18/6 light cycle watering only 2 times sofar. . -...
  5. G

    Northern Lights Stealth Rubbermaid Grow - First Grow!

    Ok this will be my first attempt at growing so lets do it. I have a rubbermaid container, 2, 65 watt cfl's, 2 120mm Pc fans, one for intake and one for exhaust. Ive spray painted the inside with flat black to light proof it, and I then went over that with flat white to make it reflective. I will...
  6. R

    Kush-O-Matic 1st Grow - Ghetto Setup!

    So, I recently started smoking more regularly and the bits I buy are inconsistent to say the least. For the most part they are fine but its not as on demand as Id like. Nature of the beast i guess. About a month ago I decided to have a crack at growing some stock, for personal use only...
  7. D

    Sweede1's Indoor Stealth Hydro First Time Bag Seed Grow Journal - 2012

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to my First time grow. A Little Backround I am very excited about this and have been reading many of the journals available at 420 Magazine. I am a complete newbie to growing but have been an avid smoker for 5 years now, and I am now thinking it is about time to grow...
  8. A

    First Grow - 600 Watt - Soil - FF Nutes

    Welcome to my first grow. I would like to first thank Mr. Krip, Siscokid and Twelve12 for their contributions to the world of growing. I have tried to meticulously track their lessons and tips, and apply them to my grow. Currently here is my setup: Flowering Room: 600 Watt HPS...
  9. Dashiznet

    Dashiznet's First Grow Journal Hydro - 2012

    This is my first attempt at growing. I've read up and planned things out (hopefully well enough). My plan is to build a grow cab I've been planning for a while with two carb filters, a blue LED for seeds/ veg, and a red/blue/white LED for Flowering. I'm going to use Blue Planet Nutrients for...
  10. V

    First Time Grower! Advice Appreciated

    Hello All My Brothers! I am a first time grower and will be putting up a detailed and complete journal of my progress with photos and status updates for all to view and comment on. I have just transplanted 12 60 day wonder auto flower strains from cups to the 3 gallon grow bags. I am...
  11. N

    Outdoor Stealth: Good Bagseed

    Basically this is my first real shot at a grow, I have two females I grew from seeds I found in a bag Of dro so you know they were going to be female. Suggestions are welcome but keep in mind this is my first attempt, I would just like some feedback. Keep one rolled:yummy::bongrip:
  12. M

    1st Grow Time (Preparation)

    I've done the research I just need advice from those who have experience. Here a shopping list so far, add to it as you see fit for a newbie: - Emily's Garden Hydroponic System — $78.94 - Canna's Cannazym — $27.95 - Mylar walls — $19.99 - 400 Watt HPS + MH Digital Grow Light System -...
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