1. C

    Drug test in a week

    Hey guys! I am confident in my method of "detox". I have a test coming in on the 11th of July. I smoke about 1g\2gs a day for 5 years and have been CLEAN for 30 days. I am wondering wehere i stand with Specific Gravity and Cr levels. I am 6'1 roughly 215\225 I have been using Metamucil for...
  2. J

    When can I start smoking again?

    My situation... I am a male with a slightly above average build. I would say that I'm strong for my size. I'm pretty skinny though at 5'5" and weigh 150 lbs. I smoked about a bowl a day with a friend for over a year. We intentionally quit a few times for whole months to reduce our immunity to...
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