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Hey guys!

I am confident in my method of "detox". I have a test coming in on the 11th of July. I smoke about 1g\2gs a day for 5 years and have been CLEAN for 30 days. I am wondering wehere i stand with Specific Gravity and Cr levels.

I am 6'1 roughly 215\225

I have been using Metamucil for about a week and before that i was just drinking water and Gatorade. Realizing that just going pee isnt going to get as much out as i would like .. i started using Metamucil. My routine for 7 days has been the following:

1. Nician 250mG x2 = 500mG x1 a day
2. 15 minutes later Metamucil x3 a day
3. Gatorade\Te (Green Tea, KuDing Tea)
4. eating reguarly
5. repeat

2 weeks ago i passed diluted (very faint line) but my SG and Cr where garbage. I am using CRLstat 5 panel (it WILL BE the same one i will be using at the new job. An insider gave me 5 to test with).

I failed 3 days later because I didn't let my Urinary Tract or Bladder flush, I KNEW i was going to fail but wanted to see where i was at and FAILED HARDCORE LOL).

I am not NEW to this kind of testing and I know beating it requires BEATING ALL 3 safe guards in place (50nG,Cr Levels, Specific Gravity). I would like to know if for instance my Cr lvls are in check but the Specific Gravity is below 1.000 (the box is blue) if i still fail or if all i need to do is UP my Cr levels. I just want to make sure I am doing all i can. Working out is not an option at this point because it will start burning fat so i am "relying" on Metamucil to pick it the stragglers, I will also be drinking Gatorade and its supposed to be 90 degrees here all week.

Attached are the 5 Panel results AND Color coded comparison chart
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