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  1. J

    Seedling almost 1 week in and showing fast spots

    This happened today and there was no signs of spots yesterday. What kind of problem is this?
  2. ondercuver

    Over-dried my crop

    Due to circumstances , bad luck, bud rot , mildew , wife, xmas and all ....I had to cut them down a few days too early and do a fast dry . 28c in the room 30%RH , 48 hours now and buds are crispy as chips the stems not yet crispy so I stopped the dehumidifier , wait and see what happens ...
  3. M

    Crispy leaves - Help?

    Not sure whats going on here. The tips and edges of my leaves are turning yellow and the crispy light brown. I've looked all over the forums but not having any luck finding the same problem. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. K

    Someone please tell me what this is??

    Hi new to this thought I would come for some advice on this little problem of mine. Basically was coming to the last few days of my veg (day24) before turning and a few leaves have started to go like this. I am using coco 60/45, just canna products A & B so far. I have done a couple and never...
  5. K

    Yellow clawing Bud Leaves - Emergency Harvest?

    Hello fellow growers! This is my first post in this forum, i choose an english speaking forum because it seems like you all have greater knowlegde than the german forums. Maybe you all are able to help me with my problem: I have 2 GHS Jack Herer Autoflowers (looks like its a stange...
  6. C

    Flowering Stage: Plant Problems, Brown/yellow/crispy leaves

    Setup: Soil/organic 400w mh/hps (mh veg hps flower) mylar box - 4ftx4ftx7ft ph level: around 6.5 using distilled water and feeding with tiger bloom 1/8th str i also Ph the solution before i feed and it comes out to 6.0 fixture distance: approx 12" room temp: around 70 degrees...
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