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  1. LLsBestGo

    LLsBestGo's - Soilless - Lemon Sour Diesel - Grow Journal - 2020

    This journal isn't completed yet (accidentally posted in completed journals) Strain: Lemon Sour Diesel is a sativa dominant hybrid. 80% Sativa 20% Indica Days grown: Vegetative cycle was about 50 days after bought as clone from local dispensary. Flowering stage @ Day 31 (Plant grown...

    Chocolate Diesel By House of Herbs In Las Vegas

    QUALITY WEED ALERT!! Y’all I picked up this Chocolate Diesel by House of Herbs from and I swear to you it changed my life. Its 28% THC with 4.6mg Caryophyllene, 1.9mg Limonene, and 1.3mg Myrcene. It smelled 100% like a diesel and was dank as hell. It broke down AMAZING too. I rolled it up in a...
  3. B

    Help! Sour D - Day 40 and I broke one of the topped main stems!

    I accidentally snapped one of my plants main stems guys, almost like super cropping but I put tape and kept it in the upright position. It just happened an he ago so I'm wondering if I should leave it straight up or put it back bent. PLEASE ANY ADVICE????
  4. JayGeneration

    Grapefruit Diesel

    Grapefruit Diesel by Next Generation Seeds
  5. db003

    Db003 - Blk Seeds - Sour Diesel Auto - White Widow Auto - Super Soil - MH/HPS

    hello everyone its me db003 back at it again I will be growing some autos in a super soil mix I had a great grow with super soil in my last grow so I wanted to do it again this grow will have two strains from blk seeds with six plants in total the strains are 3x Sour Diesel Auto 3x...
  6. TheBlaze

    TheBlaze - Strawberry Diesel & Darlin's Net Pheno Hunt

    As the title says, this will be my first attempt at full organics. Babies are currently in Freedom Farms organic seedling mix. I will be using the biobizz range, as well as kelpak, EM-prosoil, Humic acid and molasses at the end. They will be vegged for 2 months under 600w HPS, and then moved...
  7. bakesale

    Why isn't it growing?

    I Have a White diesel haze auto, I'm five weeks in and its only 9" tall, this seems like its not enough for the time? Is this normal or should i be worried? Thank you for any responses :Namaste:
  8. TennesseJed

    First Grow - Week 4 of flowering - Sour Diesel & White LSD

    Hi All, First time posting, long time lurking. This is my 1st grow in a really really really long time.... Setup 4x4 Grow Tent 600w HID / Air Cooled Using Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil and Fox Farm Nutrients, PHing the water down to 6.5 and about 1.6 EC on the nutrients, every other...
  9. Curly Beaver

    What's the difference - Amherst Sour Diesel vs Sour Diesel?

    Is there a difference between "Amherst Sour Diesel" and "Sour Diesel?" What does the Amherst represent, anyone know? Thanks
  10. Jgrowlove

    Jgrowlove's 50 Fire Strain Hunt: 1000W HPS

    Hey everyone Im currently on my 3rd grow and am looking to find the best strains available to mankind! Im using fox farms ocean forest soil and nutes have a 4x4 flower tent with a 1000w Hps and a basement with 3 600w Hps full of vegging plants. Heres my current lineup. Humboldt-707 headband...
  11. P

    A6's First Grow Coco Sour Diesel White KC Shiva Shanti

    Current running mediseeds sour diesel shiva shanti and white kc in veg For veg running 2 200w cfl in a 4x4 tent For flower will be running 3 1000 watt hps lights the plants will be going in staggered I have a bunch of goodies in germ Cookies kush from barneys farm Dina fem strawberry...
  12. S

    Red diesel - Male?

    I read about male parts that i think are showing on this red diesel at 30 days... Are they? Is this plant showing it's gender?..thanx...
  13. S

    Red Diesel - Male?

    30 days at 24 hours indoor lighting...red diesel strain. I'm needing confirmation if it's gender..I think it's male because of the little balls at the joints...thanx.
  14. S

    Sh4man's Organic Garden - Soil - 400W - Strawberry Amnesia & Amherst Sour Diesel

    Hi guys, I just started a new winter indoor session a month ago and decided to share it with you. I will begin this journal from day 5 of flowering. Strains: -2Strawberry amnesia (Dinafem) -1Amherst Sour diesel (Humbolt seed organization) -1OG kush (Dinafem) -1CBD therapy (CBD Crew) The...
  15. M

    How Much Longer? Is She Ready Soon?

    Hi there, I have here my very first grow using an NYC Diesel, so I have very little insight as to whether my first plants are near completion. I don't have any magnification at the moment to be able to tell how milky the Trichomes are (have a jewellers loup in the mail for a closer look)...
  16. R

    Autos or not?

    Haven't been on in a while and its nice to see the new changes. A little of a year since I logged on I believe. Anyway, I have three autofems going right now in soil. They are beginning week 5 tomorrow. Two are Seedsman Sour Diesel, one is a FB Green Crack. All plants but one of the sour diesel...
  17. Cronichemphog

    Cronichemphog - Hawaiian Outdoor - Part Deux

    ok time to roll on to part duex I will be running if the plant takes well to the soil I put her in, a sour diesel mom a sour diesel clone and a Matanuska tundra the clone and tundra clone are already well taken to the soil same amendments as grow 1 except minus fish meal added...
  18. 4

    Grow Journal #2: CKS NYC Diesel Auto & Sour Diesel In Coco

    Time to start my second grow. I actually plan on running two grows at the same time - an auto (CKS NYC Diesel) and I'm going to try fluxing a photoperiod plant (CKS Sour Diesel). The plan, and I know it sounds kind of ambitious, is to try and grow out the auto while I'm fluxing and then switch...
  19. bbrown219

    Sour Diesel - Money Bush - Super Lemon Haze - Blue Mystic - Cheese - Indoor Coco Grow

    Hello fellow growers. This is my second grow, and I'm doing a few things different. On my first grow I had a Road Runner in a DWC setup under a 400 hp in a 2 x 2 grow tent. This time around I will be doing a Drip System in a 4 x 8. For starters I don't have any equipment, so I will be doing this...
  20. ptk2k

    Stinky Indica Good For S.O.G.?

    hey all! just a couple more weeks left on my current grow, and I want to try a sea of green with 10 ladies or so for my next grow. I'm looking for a strain or two of some stinky indica to do this with! I heard sour diesel would be great. let me know what you guys think! happy growing everyone...
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