1. F

    Ready or not?

    I honestly can't tell if these are ready for harvest. I try looking at trichomes but can't tell the difference between clear or cloudy Please help fiireygrower Gallery - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery
  2. InTheShed

    My fem autoflower has sugar balls

    This is a 55-day old Blueberry feminized autoflower grown in soil outdoor/indoors at night under CFLs. It's flowering. I have another seed from the same batch that is 11 days ahead and looks great. The only difference is that this one has LST. Oh, and this one has testicles with trichomes...
  3. Cannbidoscar

    Coco or soil for smaller plants?

    Planning on going for ~6 smaller plants in 1 or 2 gallon pots with maybe 2 weeks veg, will i see a difference switching to hempy or DTW coco from soil? Or is the difference only worth the switch for larger plants?
  4. Curly Beaver

    What's the difference - Amherst Sour Diesel vs Sour Diesel?

    Is there a difference between "Amherst Sour Diesel" and "Sour Diesel?" What does the Amherst represent, anyone know? Thanks
  5. M

    CB Dutch Treat - Is This Normal?

    I have 2 CB Dutch Treat girls in week 5 of flowering right now and have noticed a difference between the 2 . On one all the bud sites have the pistils growing straight out and on the other they are a lot tighter and compact. They almost look melted, kinda weird. This is my first grow and...
  6. E

    What is the difference between the way you smoke your weed?

    Hey people. Im a little maature here. The title says the question. For excample what is the difference between doing a joint or doing it with a pong? Which one will get you higher? And how should you do it for a better experience? Doing it all very soon or taking your time?
  7. N

    What is the difference or benefit from using soil or soilless mix?

    what is the difference or benefit from using soilless mix vs soil?? are soilless mixes easy to work with? im just confused on the whole topic :(
  8. steppedinds

    Horticultural molasses vs. grocery store

    what is the difference between horticultural molasses and store-bought blackstrap? is there a difference?
  9. H

    What's the difference? LED

    What is the difference in a mars hydro reflector 48 to the mars hydro 300?
  10. J Washington

    Dark Before Harvest

    Does it make any difference to deprive plants of light in the last 24-48 hours before harvest? I have always done it, but not sure if it really makes any difference. Today would be the day to cut the lights. Opinions please...
  11. nurse1946

    Could it be Hemp

    Hi guys, I know this is probably a dumb question ;-) My plants are about 10 weeks now, growing outside I separated the males from females and the male has all the seeds but the females "I have 4" not one has even the beginning of a bud. Is it possible I could have been growing Hemp seeds? I'm...
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