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    Herbies Seeds Updates 5th September 2018

    Herbies Seeds Updates 5th September 2018 Free UK Delivery September Offer For UK customers if you place an order over £50 with Herbies Seeds in September and pay in cash you will receive FREE delivery. This will automatically be deducted from your order. Back in Stock – You can see the full...
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    Herbies 420 Big Bonanza! 20% Off Everything!

    The Big 420 Offer – Herbies Updates 420 is upon us again and Herbies will not disappoint! Herbies Big 420 Offer means you can get 20% off everything for 4 whole days! Starting from 20th April through to 24th April. All you have to do is enter the code 420 at checkout. Cheesy! A lot of the old...
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    30% Off Everything This Weekend At Herbies

    Herbies Updates 9th March 2018 To celebrate the Spannabis 2018 event this weekend we are giving everyone 30% off EVERYTHING! Just use promocode SPANNABIS30 at checkout. This offer is only valid from 9th March to 11th March inclusive so don’t miss out! Back in stock – You can see the full list...
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    Herbies Updates 28th July 2017

    Herbies Updates 28th July 2017 Back in Stock — you can see the full listing here Seedman Lowryder #2 Auto Fems Pyramid Auto Amnesia Gold Fems Expert Glueberry Auto Fems Expert Gorilla Glue #4 Fems Expert Gorilla Glue x Lilly Fems Expert Gorilla Glue #4 x White Widow New Strains...
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    Herbies Updates 20th July 2017

    Back in stock — You can see the full list of back in stock items here Holy Smoke Strawberry Stardawg Fems New Strains Added — You can see the full list here Buddha Seeds Calamity Jane Fems - Sativa strain, 75 days flowering, Sweet and penetrating citrus flavours Dark Horse...
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    4:20 Offer From Herbies Seeds 2017

    4:20 OFFER From 4.20pm today (20th April 2017 GMT) we will be offering 15% off everything!. Use promocode 420OFFER15 to get 15% off any order, no minimum value.. This offer will last 24 hours.
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    30-50% Off Selected Seeds at Herbies

    TO ALL FORUM MEMBERS - EXCLUSIVE OFFER The following page is not available on the Herbies site. You have 7 days of exclusive access to these heavily discounted seeds before we put them out to the world. ! Clearance Seeds - Herbies Seeds Enjoy! Herbies :thumb:
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    Where to find promo codes?

    I have been researching l.e.ds lately, but with all growlights there's always an option on the site 4 a promo code. well that's the easy part where to find em Idk! So here please anyone post up discounts and promo codes to help us all get 2 work cheaper. I myself am looking 4 an l.e.d promocode...