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  1. Flump

    Flump's Grow: Dinamed CBD, 2019/12

    Hi! This is my first grow journal and my first grow using the Doc Bud High Brix Blend kit. Indoor grow Tent dimensions - 2x4x5 Strain - Dinafem Dinamed CBD Strain info - 60% Sativa / 40% Indica # of plant - 1 Soil - ProMix HP base with Doc Bud's 1st run amendments and 30lbs of Wiggly Worm...
  2. limpfingerz207

    Limpfingerz Second Official Journal 2019

    Hey you, welcome to my grow journal and I hope you enjoy the read filled with some eye candy. What we have going on here is my second official journal consisting dynasty seeds in doc’s high brix soil mix. Feel free to jump in any time and I like it when people share knowledge, experience...
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  7. BlueDream-day111(+36/27)a.jpeg


    Day after first Cationic Drench
  8. Sourberry Kush1.jpg

    Sourberry Kush1.jpg

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