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    Struggling Bud

    Hey guys. I've got one that's just not looking too hot. Yesterday, I flushed her with 6 ph and raised the light. Is it calcium deficiency? Thanks!
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    Plant problems

    Good afternoon everyone I am experiencing a few issues with my plants and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on. The first issue may be what is leading to the second issue. Issue 1 when I mix my nutes this is what I have tried. 1 gallon water room temperature, I then add the pure...
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    Droop on a couple branches

    Hello all I have some purple haze growing outside in 100 gallon smart pots. Have pro mix and worm casting. I give it 70ml of grotek bloom in 5 gallons daily. This plant has not been topped and has been health all year.. had some insects on the plants and sprayed them about a month ago...
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    Help with plants' droop - First grow

    Strain. Sour diesel auto/ Blueberry auto Soil. Nectar of the gods #4 and happy frog Lighting 600w hps 12 to 18 away in air cooled Age. 6 weeks old Water.. tap ph 7 Enviro.. 75 deg. 35 r/h on a 18/6 cycle nutes.. fox farms trio Pots. 3g cloth. Tent 4x4 looking for help with why my...
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    Outside plants - Suddenly droop/sag?

    what causes a plant to suddenly droop, that's being grown outside?
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    So this doesn't look good, right?

    About 3 weeks in and this happened overnight Added a little bit of miracle grow pour and feed to my spray bottle and gave it two squirt's otherwise the lower leaves were starting to droop but it leveled off after a day or so. What am I doing wrong??? Help!!
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    Xxx og

    Hey, I'm looking for some input/ help with a new strain. Here is the info: Strain: XXX OG in: Aurora Innovations hydroponic soilless coco mix (perlite/ coco fiber) 1 g bucket (recently transplanted from one of those mini containers) Upon transplant, feeding her every two days (e.g. feed/...
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