1. Double Wild Durban

    Double Wild Durban

    Note the pink pistils on this double Durban pheno from Table Mountain Sativa Company.
  2. LC-18 January 2021

    LC-18 January 2021

    Local Sativa bred by LeRugged
  3. Double Wild Durban

    Double Wild Durban

    Surprising pink pistils in this local landrace pheno from LeRugged
  4. Skunky Mama Training

    Skunky Mama Training

    reveg and training of Durban Skunk
  5. Durban Skunk

    Durban Skunk

    There are Durban Poison notes in this Skunk, so I am revegging her.
  6. IMG_20190415_130152.jpg


    Durban landrace
  7. DA5CA32B-6B6A-4AAC-9D8A-2C1700AD840B.jpeg


    Light burn.
  8. B

    Durban Poison problems

    I am a seasoned grower. Recently I purchased Durban Poison seeds. I attempted to germinate 3 seeds, 2 of which sprouted. The seeds were then put in Rapid Rooter, then after the seeds developed leaves, it was placed in a hydro setup. Both plants were extremely slow growers, with one finally...
  9. MadHatterJack

    Check out my grow - Durban Kush

    Hey Guys, Check out my babies. Not sure if they are male or female yet. Have not topped. I actually took these photos with purple LED lights through a green LED filter so they look right. Strain: Durban Kush (Apricot Kush x Durban Poison) Seed Bank: Ancestral Seeds Veg Age: 2.5 weeks...
  10. SashaShiva

    Crossing Malawi Gold, Strawberry Diesel, Banana Crack, Early Durban, Hindu Kush

    The first part is from this website Cannabis Breeding Techniques (Advanced) - How to breed your own strain! | Grow Weed Easy Dominant & Recessive Traits Some traits are “dominant” and some are “recessive”. This means that your plants can sometimes be carrying “hidden” traits which won’t show...
  11. B

    Durban Poison grow

    I am attempting to grow Durban Poison, but am having a bit of trouble. I have germinated 3 seeds, and got two seedlings. They were started using the paper towel method and then transferred to Rapid Rooters. They were in Rapid Rooters after sprouting, ten day, 5 days later were put into hydro...
  12. B

    Hydro Durban Poison flowering

    Someone gave me 4 hydro durban poison plants..I only have used soil and don't know what to do with these..I have put them under hydros always look this durban poison and Cali O are pictured here second..what do I do with the hydro durban poison?
  13. D

    Advice On Durban Poison Harvest

    Hello: I am in the Boston area of the US. It's mid September and my plants are six feet tall with many buds. I would like some advice on at what stage (color) the trichomes should be when I harvest them. I chose the Durban Poison because I like the high energy high and I want to make sure...
  14. Loony

    Loony's Durban Poison Indoor Grow 06/2017

    Just completed my first SCROG grow. i learnt that I know stuff all about the SCROG method of growing. A Big Bud/White Widow Hermi'd on me but that was due to to much stress and tipping the plant way too many times. As the Durban poison has turned out to be as good as I remembered from 30 years...
  15. F

    stunted plant growth

    I started form seed under exact same conditions one Durban Poison and one Sour Jack. Durban has reached time to go to flowering stage while though good color and all around health the SJ is still a very small juvinile looking plant?
  16. C

    Autoflower Durban Poison Lamps Tips

    Hello I just bought some seeds durban poision autoflower and I grow with CFL lamps. Because of my failiour with my last autoflower I decided to ask before I plant it. I have the lamps CFL 125W FLOWER RED/YELLOW SPECTRUM 2700K and CFL 125W 6500K WHITE /BLUE Grow lamp And I...
  17. S

    1st time grower Durban hydro scrog when to flower?

    Only have max 4.5ft for the plant when should I flip to flower so they don't get out of hand on me?specs 450w led 4 to 5 girls aeroponic system
  18. S

    Video - Newbie asks is it ready to harvest?

    Hello, I'm new to growing and new here. I started this plant on December 18th and now I'm trying to learn how to tell, from the trichomes, when it is ready to harvest. The microscope came today and here is the vid: The strain is Durban Poison. It was grown indoor with DWC. Thanks, in...
  19. R

    New Strains

    Haven't heard any chat yet on the subject. What new strains next year will you all be trying out???!!! I am looking forward to get the Durban Poison. Most of my plants are indica, I have one Auto Amnesia Haze however for my setup feminized is better.
  20. J

    durban poison

    Hi I am planning next outdoor garden. I am looking for high THC>20% DURBAN POISON seeds or clones. thanks for your help jim
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