1. E

    Grow tent setup

    After research and thought, I am planning on buying: A 4'x2'x7' grow tent. Two (2), Mars Hydro 300w led fixtures. Each one centered in each 2'x2' area. A 4" carbon filter for odor control, and matching size 220CFM inline duct fan. Possibly a couple of small internal fans to keep the girls...
  2. F

    When do I need to use humidity domes?

    Hi, I planted my germinated seeds today in the pots. I've put a 1.5L transparent bottle of coke on top of each pots. Should I let it there? or wait for the seed to pop before I put it on? by pop, I mean out of the ground
  3. E

    EndItAll's Ongoing Organic DIY Adventure

    Since my grows are overlapping and I can't be bothered to keep starting and stopping journals, I'm just gonna go with an ongoing journal of whatever I have going on. For those of you just joining my ravings, here's the important details. Main overhead lights: -1x 200w (actual watts, not...
  4. Ron Strider

    CO: Hash-Off Announces Denver's Top Cannabis Concentrates

    Ever get in an argument with a friend over who makes the best hash? Jake Browne was sick of comparing concentrates with anecdotal information, so the Grow-Off founder and Denver Post cannabis critic decided to figure it out for himself – and lucky for you, he wants to take everyone along for the...
  5. cbgb

    First Journal - CFL Soil Grow

    Here we go , not my first cfl grow but my first journal, any thoughts are welcomed ! la kush x purple punch indica hybrid femanized organic potting soil with pearlite and slow release fertilizers 3 plants feit 150 watt cfl 2800 lumens / daylight spectrum / 6500 k /per bulb ph balanced water...
  6. C

    Trying to understand proper air intake and ventilation?

    Does the scrubber filter need to run continuous or intermittently? Fresh intake? Alternate? Amount of time for each? My first indoor grow and want it done right :) Thanks.
  7. Ron Strider

    CA: Cannabis Yield To Increase Dramatically For Sunset Island Group

    Sunset Island Group, Inc. announced today that the company has begun a retrofit to their current grow space that will significantly increase the amount of cannabis product produced with each harvest. CEO T.J. Magallanes stated, "The obvious solution to increasing the number of pounds of...
  8. Gazoo

    How To - 7 Gal Rim Mount SCROG Pots In 2 X 4 Tent - 8.25 Sq Ft

    HOW TO Build the “7 Gal Rim Mount SCROG Pots” for a 2 X 4 Tent [8.25 Sq Ft] With the following 5 Main Areas of interest • TOTAL COST • COST BREAKDOWN • TOOLS NEEDED • PARTS LIST • BUILD INSTUCTIONS with Cut List (sizes) Hole Drill Location, with Layout & helpful hints...
  9. C

    Few Grows In - Next Steps

    So I've gone through a few successful grows and am contemplating next steps. Here are some of the ideas. 2-3 rooms Using LED/COB lighting and incorporating solar power. Maybe a battery for each room as support. I really like the results from DWC, but Aero also looks appealing for...
  10. Mars Hydro

    Mars-Hydro August Shopping Festival

    Mars-hydro shopping festival Third wave Mars II 1600 original price is $571.99USD,now is buy one: $514.99USD each buy two: $481.99USD each And use coupon code:marshydro,get another 3% off
  11. Ron Strider

    Cups Of Happy: Cannabis-Infused Tea Is Our New Favorite Thing

    It's time for tea—high tea, that is. As cannabis increasingly wafts into the mainstream, we're finding THC and CBD infusing many of our favorite snacks and drinks. It was only a matter of time before tea caught the buzz. Ideal for low-key days and cozy evenings on the couch or in the tub, here...
  12. W

    Whitefox's 1000W HPS Top Fed DWC ScrOG Grow - OG Kush & White Widow - 2017

    Hi all, This is my 3rd proper grow and first grow journal, I'm really excited to document the progress. For the Strains: I'm growing 3 x OG Kush (from Green Smoke Room Seeds) And 1 x White Widow (from G13 Labs) For the DWC Buckets: I've got a single 25 liter bucket system for...
  13. Ron Strider

    High Concept: Artists Design Labels For Weed While High

    Picking out a strain of weed can be hard. Sure, most of us are using a budtender's knowledge and expertise to guide our purchase, but sometimes it'd be nice to have something more than words to process the high you're about to buy. Enter 1964 Supply Co.'s new Artist Series, which brings...
  14. S

    Fox farm nutes mixed feeding amounts

    Hello I am growing organic, in 5 gal pots unsung the full line of FF nutes. After they are mixed how much do i give each plant? This is my 4th grow and in the past i have given each plant about 1 cup of the mixed nutrients every other watering. I wanted to know if this was enough or...
  15. Ron Strider

    Marijuana Mood Ring: What Do Cannabis Colors Mean

    Marijuana is a smorgasbord of hues. Each nug, hair and leaf is splashed with its own color palette. Just look at a picture of Charles Kush: Cheesy, orange hairs shoot out of a bed of deep purple and emerald leaves, and it looks incredible. Based on its looks, you would assume that this...
  16. M

    No-till soil mix

    So I'm making the switch to no till with coot's mix with living mulch and im trying to settle on a blend. Shooting for Albrecht ratios, heres what i got: 10cuft total 3cf premier peat(no added anything, just peat) 3cf grow stones(cant get pumice here) 3cf humus consisting of 2/3 worm gold...
  17. S

    Very happy with CKS!

    First time ever buying seeds. Ordered 5 each of NLAF and CBDAC. Received 7 of each. Followed the instructions and all 14 are now in the dirt and growing. Don't know what I am going to do with 14 as I planned on only about 5-6 making it. I suppose that is a good problem...
  18. ConstantGreen

    PPFD Measurements & Analysis for LEDs

    Hello, I took data on the two LED panels I have in efforts to compare them with each other and determine their optimal height and coverage. Both panels are marketed for a 4x4 area, so I measured them in that space. Panels were centered and leveled at each height. First is Amare's Solar Eclipse...
  19. cnile

    Different hydroponic methods

    i dont know much about any. what are the reasons you guys have learned to pick one over the other. what does each system demand: ie: stable temps, cold temps, warm temps, constant monitoring or whatever each method needs focus on. im assuming pick the system that fits my place best so im...
  20. R

    T5 LED set up - Enough light?

    Hi guys, I bought what I thought was sufficient lighting, but went to a grow store today that said maybe not. I have two "Fusion Bright" hanging fixtures that have 8 T5 full spectrum LED tubes each (16 total). You can see them here Fusion Bright 4ft x8 288W (576W Equivalent) T5 LED...
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