1. insect eggs

    insect eggs

    found on plant, anyone know what they are/
  2. 20200705_134539.jpg


    Possibly Golden beetle eggs since they were spotted
  3. 20180309_134945.jpg


    The spot i found
  4. M

    Buffalo leaf hoppers

    Smashing 2-3 per plant both morning and right before sunset, I know they stab and lay eggs, those bitches. What can I do to make them f right off?
  5. Levators

    Bug eating leaves on plant but can't find bugs or eggs on them

    Have two plants going indoors using hydroponic. One plant has holes in a few leaves. Can't find any bugs or eggs. Only bugs i see is a house fly. Anything else it could be. Been growing for 10yrs never seen before. No snail slim, no mites.
  6. S

    Are these eggs?

    are these insect eggs? I haven't see this before this early in the grow. they are on most of the vegging table, and to be on the safe side i've been spraying insecticide on them. I did have tiny green worms running around but erraticated them.
  7. SolMJ

    Ladybugs - How long before they lay eggs?

    Hello 420, I have about 20 ladybugs in my grow room since about two weeks ago. They seem content & I've seen them mating. I'm currently having problems with spider mites & I know the larva are insatiable eaters. My question is how long does it take roughly before they start laying eggs after...
  8. trichomes

    Best way to remove Moth eggs from my sticky buds?

    I gotta get more LadyBugs tomorrow, I can't keep the moths away at night, I see eggs all over, the BT appears to be killing the hatched worms, but I just hate seeing the eggs! Any feedback greatly appreciated! Here's the plant today, it is bursting w new growth, even after 2.5 months outside...
  9. trichomes

    Moth Caterpillar Eggs

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