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Moth Caterpillar Eggs


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If those are eggs, they will hatch large and visible larvae. On the other hand, you would know you had a more treacherous species if you had smaller eggs, look out for eggs that are black tipped, those are the heads of the corn-borers about to hatch. The problem is these (European-high flyer) moth's lay their eggs when the plant is budding and has deep nice nooks and crannies for the larvae to travel into and start eating into the stem. IMO, Corn-Borers are one of the more serious things to watch out for. If they get into the stem without the grower knowing, it can mean the loss a large majority of the plant or the entire plant in all.

Whatever it is, notice how they like to lay their eggs at the top, lush area that has a direct entrance to an inner-cavern. There are many types of caterpillars that will exist in these crannies and crevices, but they won't tell you anything is wrong, nor will they do much harm. They tend to come out when you begin to dry the plant. My only opinion would be to watch out for those moth's because, any one of them could be the european-high flyer, and if he finds you plant that is no bueno. I've learned if they want in, they want in.

Thorough inspections of each plant should be done 1-2 times a week(or everyday if possible), unfortunately at this point in flowering, spraying is not a possibility. They strike when the iron is hot, when the buds are nice and fruity. I like to try and find the eggs before they even hatch because once they do, they are very very hard to find and destroy without destroying the texture of the bud (ripping it apart to find the bugger)

I've dealt a lot with the worst of the worst (corn-borers) and I could talk about it all day

Best of luck and Happy Growing


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I picked up 1000 LadyBugs for 6 bucks, they seem to eat everything that is within reach, eggs are gone and I have yet to see any evidence of inchworm/caterpillars, or droppings. The L Bugs don't stay on the plant unless they have food, I let about 50 loose everyday. The moths I see at night are about the size of a quarter/ 1 inch long x 1.5 inches across, thanks for your input.
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