exodus cheese

  1. DreamzXbudz

    Gelato & Exodus Cheese Grow

    So I decided to start an indoor grow, 10 plant's in total. I have 7 gallon fabric grow pot's with a 50/50 mix of Ocean Forest by Fox Farm and Promix for medium. I'll be using Gaia Green supplements starting with a top dress of 4-4-4 all purpose to start followed by powerbloom directly prior to...
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    Day 7/ Week 6 ... Day 42 ... mid pre-flower
  3. IMG_20190713_170814.jpg


    Day 6/ Week 6 ... Day 41
  4. IMG_20190711_185306.jpg


    Day 4/ Week 6 ... Day 39 ... mid pre-flowe
  5. IMG_20190710_182752.jpg


    Day 3/ Week 6 ... Day 38 ... mid pre-flower
  6. IMG_20190709_162822.jpg


    Day 2/ Week 6 ... Day 37 ... mid pre-flower
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  8. IMG_20190707_162902.jpg


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  10. IMG_20190704_182103.jpg


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  16. Carmen Ray

    Pistils turning brown ExCheese after re-potting due to Fungus Gnats

    Greetings all. I noticed a fungus gnat infestation 4 days ago, and started by placing bowls of beer and wine vinegar next to the plants (did not have wine or apple cider vinegar), but only one gnat caught. I followed up by making a spray of 5 % dishwashing liquid, and 2 drops each of cedarwood...
  17. PlanetJ

    PlanetJ's Big Tent - LED & CFL - Multi-Strain - Perpetual Flowering

    :welcome: This is my third journal. The grow it will be featuring has been featured in my second grow already, and I will not be recapping that part. The part you are missing is the first month of veg for the big tent, and the only month of veg for the small tent. You do not miss anything...
  18. G

    First Indoor Grow

    hello there good people first time attempting magic this is what i will start with King kush Train Wreck Exodus cheese The doctor Super Silver Haze all are feminized from Greenhouse seeds i will soak them for 24h in rain water i collected this week and move them to...
  19. C

    First grow ever.

    Hey 420 mag this is my first post which is pretty exciting because this means its the start of my first grow. I've been lingering around and learning along from the site and finally branching out to grow my own. I would appreciate any help! What strain is it? Exodus Cheese, TNT Kush, Veneno...
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