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  1. S

    First harvest - Thanks to everyone in this FAQ section

    Although this isnt a question, I take my hat off to the contributors of the FAQ section. today I harvest my first ever grow, it's not a lot, but no matter the amount, it wouldn't have been half as much without the help of some folks here. The mistakes you make in the first grow will only help...
  2. G

    Storm and rain took out my plants

    So there's been a storm for a week and my pal where I've placed the plants said he would place them inside but he didn't. One of them broke of in the middle and is shrinking up and looks awful. The other one looks overwatered but it also has some yellow holes on the leaves. What should I do to...
  3. G

    Northern Lights Auto not growing good

    I got a Northern Lights Auto next to my window with 2 50watt lights, it's been a bit over a week now and it's still not really growing. Just recently it popped out a little green sprout with 2 very small leafs. I got 2 other Northen Lights growing at a friends place and they've grown like 5...
  4. M

    Macau Mull

    Dying over here guys... where da faq do I find a smoke??
  5. Pigeons420

    Having some troubles

    Hi everyone. I'm having some problems with this girl here and I think it's time to pass the problem over here to the FAQ Gods and see what you guys think.
  6. E

    First time grower - Let me get my facts straight!

    Hello all! Firstly i would like to say that i have never grown cannabis before! so all pointers and tips are Helpfull! :cheer2: But what i'm hoping to create here is a post where other people who are thinking this could be the hobby for them, but have a few holes between the blank spaces...
  7. S

    newbie please help

    Hey, Newbie here :Namaste: I'm looking at getting a portable vaporizer, I found this smokazon.com. Any thoughts? Please Help. :thanks:
  8. H

    Beginner transplanting + space concerns

    What pot sizes should I be using throughout the whole indoor grow from seed, to veg, to flour ? What sizes are best? my goal is to utilize as much space as I can to produce the most healthiest harvest possible (Using) 600 watt hid 4x4x8 growroom. Ive heard examples lik: 16oz. For seed- 1/2...
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