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  1. growguyphd

    I got my microscope today

    I bought a 50 to 500 usb microscope of amazon. Paid 44 dollars for it. for what I paid it was worth it. Here are some of the pics. these are 56 day old fastberry
  2. growguyphd

    First Tent Grow Fastberry Auto Fem In Soil

    1/04/2017 I assembled my LA Garden 4x4x7 tent today. It was super easy to assemble. The shell was somewhat cumbersome as I was doing it alone, but not unmanageable. Total time to build tent and hang a four foot eight lamp Hydroplanet T5 was about an hour and a half. I was shocked how much...
  3. growguyphd

    Humboldt Nutrients feeding schedule help

    4x4x7 tent, 8 bulb 4' t5 light 7 gal pots with promix 75 degree temp. I am feeding two Fastberry autos. I am growing in a tent and growing autos for the first time. I am using Humboldts three part system. I am finding several different nutrients mixing charts. Somebody please help me with...