first closet grow

  1. received_1292381570936952.jpeg


    Pistol emerging from calyx.
  2. 20190108_152736.jpg


    Auto thunder bloody mary next to Critical + 2.0 Almost the same height in a smaller pot January 8 2019 Day 21 since sprouting and transplanting
  3. 20190108_154641.jpg


    Auto thunder bloody mary Another shot after LST January 8 2019 Day 21 since sprouting Day 1 of LST
  4. 20190108_154657.jpg


    Auto thunder bloody mary Finally tall enough to LST tied down main stock to even out the canopy January 8 2019 Day 21 since sprouting Day 1 of LST
  5. 20190105_184428.jpg


    Full shot of my closet Early miss, auto thunder bloody mary, Critical + 2.0. January 5 2019 Day 18 in puggs closet
  6. 20190105_184444.jpg


    Auto thunder bloody mary Side view January 5 2019 Day 18 since sprouting
  7. IMG_20190107_182354.jpg


    Critical + 2.0 Top view mid trim January 7 2019 Day 20 in puggs closet
  8. IMG_20190107_182430.jpg


    Auto thunder bloody mary Close top view January 7 2019 Day 20 since sprouting
  9. 20190107_183238.jpg


    Auto thunder bloody mary Top view January 7 2019 Day 20 since sprouting
  10. 20190107_184801.jpg


    Critical + 2.0 After getting trimmed up January 8 2019 Day 21 in puggs closet
  11. 20190102_165741.jpg


    Critical + 2.0 Another close up January 2 2019 Day 15 in puggs closet Day 9 since topping
  12. 20190102_165749.jpg


    Critical + 2.0 Side view January 2 2019 Day 15 in puggs closet Day 9 since topping
  13. 20190102_165805.jpg


    Critical + 2.0 Top view January 2 2019 Day 15 in puggs closet Day 9 since topping
  14. 20181229_164632.jpg


    Early miss reveg This plant was not doing so well at all but after chopping all of the mutated ugly growth off and basically re potting a stick all of the new growth is beautiful December 29 2018 Day 11 since being stripped off all growth.
  15. 20181229_164558.jpg


    Critical + 2.0 Close up top veiw December 29 2018 Day 11 in Puggs closet
  16. 20181228_151400.jpg


    Critical + 2.0 4 days after topping December 28 2018 Day 10 in Puggs closet
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