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  1. G

    First grow

    This is my first time growing and was hoping to get feedback of my seedlings and setup currently running 2 23w cfls and a 36w fluro for the seedlings and am in the process of building a larger box for veg and flower wich will have a 600w led grow light I'm a little worried my seedlings are...
  2. DFAE2DFC-985E-4EF3-854F-F2DDFF9DCF4C.jpeg


    Week 5 flower. Blue Dream RDWC
  3. BakedARea

    BakedArea's 1st Grow! 2019 Outdoor/Greenhouse: StrawDiesel x Critical+

    Ok :420:Fam! After multiple recommendations from folks here, I'm going to start my first grow journal! Nervously excited. I have wanted to grow for quite some time but never was in a position to start. Last year we purchased our home so now I have MUCH more freedom to do what I want! I love...
  4. Z

    Many yellow & orange spots on leaves

    This is my first ever grow, i am using pretty low budget equipment and also 4-4-4 gaia green fertilizer (during veg) and water my plants with RO water but sometimes i have to use tap water. I haven't really had any problems this bad, but when i got into early/mid flower, i started to notice...
  5. KAYY

    My first indoor grow

    My first grow. They’re in the second week of flower There’s a couple other pictures while they were sprouts and in veg!:snowboating::meatballs:
  6. ASquirmingPileOfLizards

    Baby's First Grow: Blackjack, Black Domina x Jack Herer, In A Closet

    (DISCLAIMER NUMBER ONE: all of this is on a budget, don't expect a pretty setup) christmas 2018: five out of five non-feminized blackjack seeds sprouted in their own pint and a half of black magic potting soil, and one in around a pint in a cut-off water bottle so i could study the development...
  7. HappyBudda

    1st Grow LED 600

    Hey Fam, here are some Photos of Franco's Lemon Cheese and Arjan's Strawberry Haze. I topped the Lemon Cheese, and left the Strawberry as she is. Started Flushing two weeks ago. Some Hairs are still white, but the trichomes are 90 % cloudy already ... Question: I don't know if I should wait...
  8. Princess94

    My First Grow Ever: Closet Tent Grow

    I will like to know what do you guys think? My first grow. I’m using fox farm trio with cal mag. I will be using different nutrients in flowering stage. I’ll go with bud candy, big bud, molases & flawless finish. I think I will also continue with fox farm trio or is there’s anything else I...
  9. Black Indica Month One.

    Black Indica Month One.

    DragonsFire First Grow
  10. PaintMeGreen

    PaintMeGreen's GrennHouse Moby Dick Fem - LED - Soil - First Grow

    Hello, 420, my name is "PaintMeGreen", I'm from Argentina, and I want to give a huge shout out to everyone in the community, I've been browsing the forums for a while and finally decided to jump right into the fray, sign up, and start my first grow & journal! Just posted my introduction on...
  11. DeploVape

    Does this look like over watering? First time grow

    Strain - Indica Holy Grail Kush, Indica Tahoe Alien Og # of Plants - 4 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 1 Gallon Lights - T5- 4ft 4 bulb fixtue Nutrients - None Medium - Fox Farms Ocean Forest RH - 31% to 48% Room Temperature -72-79 Problem: I planted these girls 2 days...
  12. Z

    Zehamas's First Grow

    Hey 420Magazine. This is my first attempt at growing Feminized Royal Dwarf Seeds. Anyways I am just going to jump right in, I hope you enjoy reading. Make sure you comment and let me know your thoughts, as well as any tips that you think might be useful.... ctr.... ctr... So i am using two...
  13. D

    First Real Grow: WW Auto, T5 & CFLs

    I am finally ready to start my first real grow. This is something that I have been thinking about for a long time and it actually began last night. I am from Massachusetts and my grow is going to be 100% legal. I have been crunching as much information and research as possible over the last...
  14. C

    N Deficiency or something else - Or nothing?

    On 2/14 i obtained a FrankenBerry clone from my local med shop, the claw was present at this time but the only one leaf had yellow, the yellowing and claw is becomming more prevalent on other leaves. Ive watered it twice, the first time i barely watered it, soil was bone dry next morning so i...
  15. T

    Bubblegum 125W - CFL - DWC - First Grow

    First grow in this system ..... I'm using emerald harvest nutrients... Growing in a 7.5 gallon reservoir... With a 125w actual in a closet that is about 1'x4' and about 7' tall .... Feel free to drop me some pointers!! so i received a Bubblegum clone about 5 days ago from a friend with 2 tops...
  16. W

    My first grow enters flower! Alive too! An early discussion of Grow #2

    Hello Everyone! So my 5 Amnesia Haze (Royal Queen Seeds) and 1 Blueberry Headband have, despite being cared for by a complete amateur, survived the vegetative phase. Here are my victims! (Day 12 Flower) As evident from the above images, my girls are out of space. The...
  17. Ruza

    Ruza's First Grow - Soil - Purple Cheese - Royal Dwarf - 2016

    Hi all, this is my first grow and also first post in this forum and i would like to share my experiences/fails with growing. I started to grow, because of my chronic back pain/stress and it seems that it will be my hobby too. I am apologizing for my bad english, it's not my native language...
  18. G

    2 days into flowering - Can't wait to find out if it's a female

    Happy to start the flowering process. Can't wait to find out the sex of the plant because I have feminized seeds I bought but don't want to get started with them til I find out what this plant is. Helps out to practice with this plant and feel so far that it is going very well. Any comments...
  19. K

    Problems with young plant - Help please!

    plant is 17days old. 2days ago i noticed this problems. anybody knows what it is? how will it affect my plant? what i should do?
  20. E

    Empy's - Indoor - LED - Cheap Grow

    Hey folks! I got some seeds from a friend and a room in the cellar to build a growbox in so i decided to start an indoorgrow besides my planned outdoorgrow. The box will NOT be a hightech killertent but rather a low level wooden box with maybe 2 computerfans for air intake and exhaust. I do not...
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