1. ROSSM8

    N excess? How am I looking?

    What Strain is it? Bagseed Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? How Many Plants? 1 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Flowering If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? 56 days If in Flowering Stage... How Long? 39 Days Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor 3x3x6 Soil or Hydro? 70/30 COCO If...
  2. OntarioGro17

    2nd Indoor Grow In RDWC 3 Pineapple Chunk & A White Widow Under Perfect Sun COB

    :welcome:Hello all and thanks for taking a look.:welcome: Well, here we grow again. This run is being completed in my homemade RDWC system I put together over the course of my first grow the past few months. My first run I built my own res from 10gal tubs with a manifold and pump. It had a...
  3. H

    420's Soil Purple Kush Journal

    Growing 2 crop king Purple Kush plants in a 4x4x6.5 reflective tent in 5 gallon pots with Happy Frog soil. Currently using one 300W vipar spectra LED but I have another one ready for use once the seedlings hit vegetative stage. Lights are currently positioned at around 40 inches from the top of...
  4. NastyAce05

    Crop King Seeds White Widow Feminized 4'x4' Room Cannabis Grow Journal

    What strain is it?Crop King Seeds White Widow Feminized Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?60% Indica - 40% Sativa Is it in Veg or Flower stage?1st Day of Veg. If in Veg... For how long? 14 days from seed Since Braking Soil/Rockwool It will be in Veg For 6 weeks Ending on...
  5. T

    Help! Thought it was a PH Problem.

    OK, so a little info on this first. This past Sunday I changed out water/nutes Plant was about 14 days old and had been getting very light nutes the week before. During Week 2 I basically ran this in 3.5 Gallons of tap water in 5 gallon DWC bubble bucket (tap water ppm is 300). This is...
  6. Pinktiger777

    First time grow - Hydro ebb & flow - LED - Please look

    View image in gallery This is in a Gorilla Tent, 2 X 2.5, with 300 LED light, by Viperspectra; Viagrow hydroponics system 6" inline duct and intake, with filter and fans; I used General Hydroponics flora grow, flora Micro and Flora bloom; But I messed up the nutes and added too many, and my...
  7. T

    Timmy Haha's First DWC C4 Auto Grow Journal - 2016

    Hi Everyone! I'm a virgin right now in lots of ways - new to 420 Magazine, new to growing, and new to writing a journal! Let's hope it all goes well. I decided to give hydroponics a try since there's a store right down the street from me with all the equipment I'll need and they have a...
  8. Ferboldt

    Need help to identify plant disease

    Hi guys, Need help to identify my pland defiency/disease DWC 5gl. bucket LED Marsy Hydro lights Hydroponics Flora Series Nutritions Hydroponics Flora Cal/Mag Lights are 16hr on Water Temp 68-74f PPM 1700 Ph 5.7-6.0 Lemon OG Haze Auto Nirvana This is the second time this is...
  9. K

    Sick WW need a doctor

    Can anyone help me out here my Cks White widows are sick. I haven'y fed them yet but they may have not like the heat in my growbox, they are now in my tent. I have the GH flora grow box of nutes. What should I do? They are almost 3 wks old. :volcano-smiley:
  10. O

    My 3 Girls

    Sup 420 On to another grow. Had to kill off the other one. Got three strains I'm working with, and so far their off to a good start. 1 strain is a week in a half behind the other 2, but in the end, I'm going to flower them out at the same time. Here's my setup 52×52×78 grow tent...
  11. O

    Leaves are dying - What day hell

    Sup 420 For starters I'm about ready to throw these girls out. You can see my frustration on (bad bud formation) a older thread I have. Anyway, I know leaves are going to die off, but this is a every day thing. I flushed them out with tap water and flora kleen for a day, and change the rez...
  12. N

    Can anyone help me figure out what's wrong with my plants?

    I'm currently running a flood drain system, feeding them flora grow. Room temp 77, 62.1 Rh, water ph 6.0. Still in vegetation.
  13. HizzyB

    Sealed Gavita Pro Mitsubishi CO2 Quest 105 RockWool GH Flora

    Hizzy b here We've been away for a while sealing up the 160' room. Bought and hung up EIGHT Gavita Pro 6/750 after using two cases of silicone caulking, 100' roll of 5.5 mil panda film and lots of white duct tape lol. 4 head "multi zone" mini split with heat, mitsubishis mr slim and newer...
  14. StupidNoob

    AN vs Flora - Opinions?

    First of all, sorry if this has been asked before. I don't mean to beat a dead horse, you know. I ask because they(GH) also included nutrients (didn't realize they were going to do that) in with the dwc bucket I bought. I currently use AN's Sensi Grow A/B w/ good results. I was hoping to get...
  15. B

    First LED Grow - 3 x Bag Seed - 1 x Afghani? - Coco & Perlite

    2 x 4 x 6 Cupboard - started with 2 x 45 watt CFL Using Mars Hydro II 400watt/5 watt epistars, Coco 50 % Perlite 50 % 2 gallon Pots, GH Nutes, (I know some may not think much of this brand but they are working fine for me) (Flora Grow, Micro and Bloom), CalMag, Root Nectar (late addition), Flora...
  16. O

    Weekly update

    Sup 420 Here's my update on my BB×WW. I got the the nutes burn situation under control, and my girl has been doing great. All the nute burn leaves I took off so energy wouldn't be wasted on them. I changed the res Thursday just feeding her cal-mag, the 3 part flora series, and some super...
  17. B

    Question about Hydro and feeding - Is frequent feeding best?

    I want first time grower of cannabis but I'm not a first time grower for hydroponics and while I certainly don't count myself an expert something I always noticed was rapid growth of my plants the days immediately after a feeding. Right now I'm on a biweekly feeding schedule, Monday and...
  18. V

    Vinkids First Grow! - 15 Plants - Coco - Lukas - 2200 Watts - 2x2m Tent - Lemon Venom

    Hi everyone! So this is my first grow ever, and its a funny one, i originally planned on growing autos but the seeds i mistakenly ordered where regular fems and i only released 8 days after planting them what i had done! i just want to make sure i am doing everything right. I'm not sure what...
  19. D

    Brown spots appeared today

    Hello guys! my girl is sick, those brown spots/patches appeared in the last 24h. Hydro grow the plant has been around 2 months in veg, and is now in the 3rd week of flower. indoor tent, coco/perlite/GHE Flora series/bottled water/600w air cooled HPS/27-29c @ 50-60humidity/ schedule: 3ml...
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