flowering issue

  1. Km021

    Could you notice the problem?

    Hi, recently i hve seen a problem with my plants leave, could somebody notice the problem? Stage: flowering Ph: 6.3 Thanks. @Emilya ❤
  2. G

    Flowering with issues

    Hello everyone, just a kwik question about one of my baby girls. I have two under 400 W high-pressure sodium and one looks good and one looks terrible, I've got a small srcog system I'm trying out ( for the first time if you couldn't tell LOL ). But I thought maybe I was scorching the plant with...
  3. K

    Nitrogen deficiency? Maybe too much Nitro or another nute issue? Please help!

    I am growing a Barneys Farm Auto NYC Diesel. I am on week 6 (day43), and she is starting to get sick. This is my first grow and I am not familiar with these issues. These issues started once she started her flowering stage. The bottom Fan leaves are turning yellow and starting to fall off, from...
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