Nitrogen deficiency? Maybe too much Nitro or another nute issue? Please help!


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I am growing a Barneys Farm Auto NYC Diesel. I am on week 6 (day43), and she is starting to get sick. This is my first grow and I am not familiar with these issues. These issues started once she started her flowering stage. The bottom Fan leaves are turning yellow and starting to fall off, from what I have read it is probably a nitrogen deficiency, I am posting some pictures if you guys think this is right please let me know. Also, any help on fixing the issue and getting my little girl healthy again would be greatly greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I am also having issues controlling the temp. During light hours its anywhere from 90-97 degrees.

I really need some help. Here is all the information, if more is needed please let me know

Plant - Barneys Farm Auto NYC Diesel (60-75 days from seed)

Lights: 18/6
1 - 150W Mars Hydro LED reflector
1 - 150W HPS

Using General organics GO BOX
BioThrive - Bloom 1/4 strength
Budbooster 1/4 strength
CalMag- 1/2 strength

Masshole Masters Mix

Temp - Day 90-97 Night 80 - 88
Humidity - 30-40%


97 is really hot - can you get a fan or something into the room even to vent colder air from one room into that room would help with the heat. If you're in a tent and you haven't already I'd give up some light leaking out and open the doors and all vents.

I don't know if you recently had your nutrients at a higher then normal level but in the background of those pictures a lot of leaves seem to have burnt tips. Could that have something to do with it?

If you can turn the LED off I think we might get some better pictures because the red makes it hard to diagnose.
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