Not sure what the issue is with my plants - Pictures included


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Hey Folks,

Well this is my first grow, I'm vegging 5 Mad Man OG clones under a T5 in 3 gallon pots with Botanicare Coco. They just finished their 3rd week a few days ago.

For Nutes I'm using Advanced Nutrients Grow A + B, B52, Biothrive Root Accelerator. I feed all 5 with 1 Gallon of Sparkling (delivery water) mixed with the nutes when soil starts to dry ( 1 inch top layer or when it feels light) My feed PH is 6.02 on average and my PPM is around 480.

My Tent temp is around 77 when the light is on and around 75 when its off, humidity is around 50-60 on average.

I flushed 4 days ago. Average Runoff PH was 6.04, PPMs were 850-900.

Since then I have noticed my coco has not been drying out much at all. All my plants seem to be having some sort of issue and have not been growing much. Based on my research online it seems like a Mag or Nitrogen Deficiency but I am not sure.

Any help would be much appreciated, I am about to switch to flower soon and swap out the T5 for a Apollo 1000w HPS with air cooled hood but I want to try and correct the issue, I am still learning and want to know what could cause the issues I am having, it seems like there is a lack of chlorophyll.

Here are my plants.


All help is appreciated!
Classic magnesium def. See how the leaf veins stay darker? Thats mag. If it were calcium def then the veins would be lighter and the rest would be darker.
Nothing a little epsom salt wont cure quick. Epsom is all mag.

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Sorry, one more from me. If you arent used to foliar feeding Shake the mix until the Epsom is totally dissolved and then spray every single leaf top and bottom. Especially the bottom actually that's where most of the leaf stomata are. Soak her down good.

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