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    Back two are my neighbor s plants lemon kush from his bud two closest in picture are white widow and white og seedsman clones I gifted him.
  2. M

    Hey I'm Owen Gray aka O.G New Member

    As read from above I'm O.G and I'm Epileptic which is why I smoke/am growing now lol I'm a first time grower, literally four days ago I planted my first seeds (three) gorilla glue #2, northern lights and lemon diesel. I am reading articles and watching videos at the moment, learning all I can...
  3. Melijahc

    New grower from Texas

    Hi, everyone who reads. I have been smoking flower for almost a year now, I love it of course. I’m a very curious minded person, so of course I start finding new ways to smoke, blunts, joint, bongs, etc. then of course turned into “hmm can I grow my own plant and smoke it” to me that’s the peak...
  4. J

    MJ friendly Doctors in CT?

    Anyone experience with MJ friendly doctors in Connecticut? I have failed back surgery syndrome after 3 back surgeries with no help and also suffer from anxiety and mild PTSD. Im tired of being forced to use addicting pharmaceuticals. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. K

    Bud 'N' Breakfast — New Travel Site Offers Cannabis Friendly Accommodation

    While most hotels, hostels and homestays ask guests not to smoke inside, a new travel site is actively encouraging people to smoke weed at their lodgings. Bud and Breakfast is basically a property listing site that advertises itself as a "cannabis friendly accommodation site". The...
  6. S

    All is good

    Hi all from your friendly neighborhood grower
  7. bamaman

    Hello Oregon

    Well I just moved here for the summers and wanted to get to know any of you who may be friendly to a newbe in Oregon. If you like write me ..bamaman:thumb:
  8. T

    Looking for Friends in PR

    I just moved here and am seeking to meet friendly folks here in PR. If you're 420 friendly and would like to meet a couple from the mainland, shot me a message! Thanks thehitman :thumb:
  9. B

    New member looking to meet new people, build connections and learn good advice

    HELLO all my fellow weed smokers and growers, I am a new member to the site . I currently reside in Pa . I joined this site to meet new people , build new connections and learn some good advice. This past year My best friend was diagnosed with cancer . However he had a successful recovery...
  10. F

    Im looking for a doctor in the Toronto area and need help

    Hello, I have been looking for a doctor in the Toronto area for some time to sign my mmar cat. B forms for my anxiety. I have only been able to find referalls from clinics that are wanting upwards of $500 to have the forms filled and sent out. There has to be a cheaper way if anyone can help...
  11. T

    Howdy from central Texas :D

    Howdy everyone! Just a simple ole central Texas native here sayin hello. I've been enjoying recreational and medical use of MJ for about 6 years of my adult life(i'm 26). For years, i lived behind this curtain of sorts. The only smoke that was available to my community is the stuff you...
  12. E

    Montreal Friendly Cannabis Doctors

    Any Friendly Cannabis Doctors in Montreal? It would be interesting to share experiences about how to get a good doctor in Montreal. In 2 weeks I am gonna go randomly for a doctor, I have the name and gonna make an appointment with him, I will comment if I got lucky or just .... nothing, but I...
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