1. Little Garden Friends

    Little Garden Friends

    This is one of my fav. Photos I have ever taken. This Cool wasp was stuck atop a cannabis bud. It had landed and I guess couldn't take off again due to being so sticky so there it stayed frozen in time. Strain in photo: Animal Cookie Candyland
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    Radishes from a neighbor gifted .
  3. Garden


  4. BakedARea

    Cultovars; Are we prepared to steer away from calling them strains?

    I was reading a new book "Growing Weed in the Garden: A No-Fuss, Seed to Stash to Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation" by Johanna Silver Johanna is more of a gardener than a stoner. She took on the challenge of learning how to grow it for a research project for her newspaper. Long story short, she...
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    Asparagus looking bad
  6. 20190324_093726.jpg


    Asparagus looking good
  7. Garden Flower Day 46

    Garden Flower Day 46

  8. Garden Flower day 46

    Garden Flower day 46

  9. Close-up of Bubblelicious

    Close-up of Bubblelicious

    Day 44 of 12/12
  10. Family photo

    Family photo

  11. Clones


  12. Garden with flash (day 38 of 12/12)

    Garden with flash (day 38 of 12/12)

  13. Garden with flash (day 38 of 12/12)

    Garden with flash (day 38 of 12/12)

  14. clones


  15. 34 days from flip

    34 days from flip

  16. JimiGrows

    JimiGrow's 4 Strain Clones - Indoor Soil Mainline - Maui Waui, Bubblelicious, Somango XXL, Wonder Woman

    This will be a grow of 4 plants are clones from my current/previous grow. Why? I want to test two things with this grow. First, I want to see if main-lining is easier. I'm specifically looking to see if it's easier to maintain and to harvest with this method. For maintaining, ScrOG is difficult...
  17. Garden


  18. Clone Garden

    Clone Garden

  19. Flowers


  20. Flowering


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