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  1. G

    Pimp My Grow Plan

    Yo my fellow stoners :cheer2:. So i decided to grow myself for the first time. I have been researching stuff for a month or two extensively. I want you guys to take a look at my plan and give me tips on how i can improve it. I have some questions i couldn't answer through research. Gonna buy...
  2. fivethirty

    How to beat the heat in a greenhouse?

    i have a little black fan that rotates, works great for circulation i guess but not really the heat. its gonna be 93 degrees and they are already showing signs of heat stress in 87 degrees :50:
  3. Cronichemphog

    CronicHemphog's Next Outdoor Grow

    ok were gonna roll on the next round got the next plants in the pots just got the soil cooking yesterday gonna let it cook a couple weeks gonna put couple plants in the ground when I'm back from vegas a gdp for sure and not sure what else maybe only 1 make it huge so I prepped my soil...
  4. D

    Danolo's Indoor Cabinet Grow

    Well, so far I only have the desire to build and grow. I have several questions before I start building this space, so its gonna take a while for me to get this rolling. I look forward to all your input, and suggestions.
  5. X

    Has anyone tried Pro Mix MP Organik?

    I need to buy some more growing medium, and I was gonna go with either pro mix hp or pro mix hp cc with coco coir in it. I have used pro mix BX in the past, but then I came across pro mix mp organik, it has 55-60 % peat , coco coir, perlite, limestone , and mycorrhizae and is all organic...
  6. T

    Posting Pics

    Ive been trying but with no luck. Why does posting a pic have to be so fucking confusing? Im gonna go find a forum where posting a pic is simple like the rest of the world does.
  7. K

    ON: Will Windsor Become A Weed Empire?

    Officials say Canada will almost certainly legalize recreational marijuana next year, and Windsor is likely to cash-in. Experts agree by roughly this same time next year marijuana will be legal throughout the entire nation of Canada for medicinal and recreational use. The particulars are...
  8. T

    I'm new here

    Hi folks , glad to be here. ive decided i wanna grow my own but need help. this is a rough idea of what im planning... im gonna grow Royal Queen Seeds Critical x 9 in 6.5 litre pots (i live in europe so gonna talk metric) you will see my shopping list ... im also on a budget. your thoughts...
  9. P

    PopeSatan - Bag Seeds - First Indoor Grow Journal - 2015

    Hi guys ! First of all, I usually speak french, so my english is pretty basic... Now to the main topic. This is my first indoor grow, so any advice or tips are welcome. I'm using bagseeds since its my first time, because I dont want to waste any of the White Widow I just ordered. It's...
  10. Light Addict

    LA's Daft New Multiple Test - With Remo Nutrients & Budmaster's New Tech!

    :welcome::420::high-five: WELCOME ONE AND ALL TO MY BIGGEST TEST RUN EVER!!! WERE TESTING AND REVIEWING; Dutch Passions new THINK BIG strain, REMO nutrients!!!!! Then Yet more BUDMASTER LED new tech!!! Including Quantum Dot technology!!!!! So some little details :) Medium is gonna be my...
  11. B

    Rookie Start At A Perpetual Garden

    Hello ladies and gentlemen this is gonna be the story of my growing experiences, ALL the up s and downs will be proudly displayed here for posative and negative reinforcement! Think of me as a sponge, I furry faced dirty old sponge that one might find in the dump, I m open to every form of...