gorilla bomb

  1. TinyBuds

    Verdant Acres: The Bucket List

    -Welcome to the Verdant Acres- ____________________________________________ The bulk of this grow will consist of strains I've received from @TurboBucket, hence part of the title to this grow. Kudos to you again man. I really appreciate it. The strains in question are OG Kush, by Dope Seeds...
  2. CattleTurd

    CT’s Greenhouse Coco Grow: OG Kush, THC Bomb, Banana OG & More, Summer 2019

    Hello CattleTurd here, I’m a licensed medical grower in my state. I grow for personal use only, so I’m not trying to break any world records here. But the more the merrier. I have my setup in my greenhouse that I designed and framed, and spent way too much time and money on. The dimensions...
  3. BLGrower

    My harvest video of my Gorilla Bomb with 4k resolution and bud shots 3 phenos

    Whats up guys I'm known as BLG for the Biggest Little Grower. After YouTube purged my old account I started the Cannabis Grow Guide. I just finished a grow with 3 different gorilla bomb phenos. If you don't want to watch the whole harvest skip to the end for the bud shots of each pheno.
  4. BLGrower

    Gorilla Bomb #3 keeper pheno

    Here is my grow journal if you want to follow along Gorilla Bomb Flowering Video Series
  5. BLGrower

    Gorilla Bomb Flowering Video Series

    Hello guys here are some details on our current grow. I plan on updating you guys weekly. Strain: Gorilla Bomb (GG#4 x THC Bomb) by BombSeeds Medium: 60/40 mix of Coco and Perlite Nutrients: Canna Coco Extras: Sensi Cal Mag Xtra and GroTek Pro-Silicate Lighting: 4 Quantum Board 120 fixture...
  6. 425jesse

    Gorilla Bomb Garden Many Come From One

    Hello Grow-universe, time to start the next crop! This grow should keep me busy for 4-5 months or so, maybe a little more. I really enjoyed the last time I grew out the GB, but I didnt make a mommy and want to this time, as well as take a wicked set of clones off her to fill the chamber...
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