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  1. J

    Week 7 - Blue Amnesia & Green-O-Matic - Feedback please!

    Hey guys I have now hit week 7! Very pleased with my progress so far I would love some feedback from you guys :) Here's some new pics: Green-O-Matic (This plant has 1 week left I believe!): Blue Amnesia: :thanks:
  2. D

    Dirty Harry - Green-O-Matic - 150W HID - DWC Hydro

    Dirty Harry's Hydro Green-O-Matic Grow Journal - 2014 Hey everybody, It is my second Green-O-Matic grow but first journal. It is autoflowering strain which is hybrid of Moroccan, Ruderalis & White Dwarf strains. However, it's characteristic mostly indica (about 85%). I had couple...
  3. jakal

    Green-o-Matic PC Grow 2010

    Hey everyone. this is my first grow journal. in fact it's my first grow. So whatever helpful tips and info you have is greatly welcome. so heres the deal. i have a pc grow case i made myself. the case itself is 23'' tall, so its a pretty big case. got the largest i could get my hands on. 4 26...
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