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  1. Autohyponic

    Autohyponic's Mass Seed Production - Auto-Flower Time Machine

    Mass Seed Production - 4 Plant Seed Chamber - Auto-flower Time Machine I hope all is well out there is the :420: universe. I am here today to show you my latest creation/invention. I call it an auto-flower time machine because with this creation, I will be able to speed up the production of...
  2. D

    How to arrange & section off a 5.6 ft x 6.49 ft - 1730 x1980mm

    Hey fellow cultivators, i have a space that's 5.6ft (1730mm) x 6.49 (1980) Currently have a single 80x80 (0.26 ft x 0.26 ft) square tent where i have a 3 plant DWC recagular container. Inside the tent is a fan, extraction filter and light. The room with the tent inside still has some room...