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    Testing New HSO Genetics: Running Kind LED Xl1000 Grow light, Gorilla Grow Tent

    Hey everyone, thanks for tunning in! I'm new to the grow journal world but not so new to writing and growing category so this should be a blast! Id like to first explain a bit about myself, the lovey grower of these amazing beans I was gifted by Ras at HSO in Spain. I go by Soil Man Dan and...
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    Secret Jardine DR60 grow tent SCROG Prep and info

    Thanks for reading. Before this turns into a grow journal I want to see if any has any info, experience or knowledge that would help me do my scrog. Secret Jardine grow tent 60x60x150 250mh/hps light Vents tt 4'' outlet fan Buddy carbon filter I have vitalink grow feed and bloom for...
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    Dr60 - 250W MH/HPS Grow Journal - Bag Seed

    Welcome all. This is my first attempt at growing, I invested a small fortune into a set up, consisting of, 250mh/hps light not air cooled. Vents tt 4'' fan out. Standard carbon filter. John innes potting compost. Vitalink grow feed/bloom 5l pots. And of course bagseeds lol. So the...
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