1. S

    New Member from Australia

    High there!! First time grower ready to put together a grow box (fridge) for the first time. I will do my best to read as much sticky posts regarding making a grow box but be prepared for some noob questions haha.. I was thinking of starting a thread that covers the built and the road to...
  2. coralman

    Cheese Bomb mutation

    has anyone come across this, at first i thought the plant was self topping as i noticed 2 colas instead of one but after a closer look the top growth seems to growing diagonal and sort of training itself also now a few nodes up its growing 3 shoots with 3 fan leaves from one node, it looks...
  3. S

    I am thinking this is 100% female - My first female

    Haha my first female grow
  4. P

    LED light doubts - Anyone can help?

    greetings, this is my firts attemp at posting in this forum, hope that i don't brake any rules or piss someone off haha. Im looking into buying some high power 3 watt leds for a DIY lamp im building. My question is regarding this product... hast anyone tried it yet? is it suitable for indoor...
  5. C

    Time for harvest?

    Hey fellow growers, I am just about finishing off my first indoor closet grow & would love some feedback from those growing veterans or basically anyone willing to comment haha. Both strains had claimed to carry hermie genetics, non of which was an issue. (Image1-JetFuel)...
  6. buddha buds

    Homemade Stealth 800W LED Grow - Green Crack & Kush'N'Cheese

    Hi everyone hope your all doing well :) :Namaste: Heres my first post on any sort of website so lets see how it goes. It is my 3rd grow and have decided to try out LEDS after having used 400watt HPS 2 times before. Just moved house and built a new setup which is a 80cm x 160cm x 200 cm grow...
  7. T

    ThisLion's LED Phantom OG Grow Journal - 2014

    Strain: PHANTOM OG Number of Plants: 30 Indoor, using Super Soil, flower in 5 gallon Light: [2] BadBoy 4' 8 T5's [6500K Veg; 2900K Flower] 4 4' T5's [6500K Veg; 2900K Flower] Haight Solid State PPF 1600 RH: 58% TEMP: 71-76 My partner and I picked up 30 Phantom [Cherry Pie X GDP]...
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