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ThisLion's LED Phantom OG Grow Journal - 2014


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Number of Plants: 30
Indoor, using Super Soil, flower in 5 gallon
Light: [2] BadBoy 4' 8 T5's [6500K Veg; 2900K Flower]
4 4' T5's [6500K Veg; 2900K Flower]
Haight Solid State PPF 1600
RH: 58%
TEMP: 71-76

My partner and I picked up 30 Phantom [Cherry Pie X GDP] clones from a local co-op, on November 14, 2013. They came in little rockwool cubes and we transplanted them same-day into 1 gallon plastic pots with Pro-Mix HP Mycorrhizae PRO-MIX HP Mycorrhizae 3.8 Cu Ft Bail HP Mycorrhizae 3.8 Cu Ft Bail.

That same day we made super soil using Subcools recipe Subcool's Super Soil Step-by-Step | High Times.

Once a week we would give them General Organics Grow with Cal/Mg added in. Once every two weeks we would give them Hygrozyme. In the days between we would keep the soil moist with plain R/O water.

December 3rd we moved them into 5 gallons with the super soil. They had been under 2 Bad Boy [8] 4' T5s. With Quantum 6500k Grow Lights Quantum BadBoy T5 Tubes 4' - Grow 8-Pack, as well as an additional 8 rack T5 with the same lights, so 24 T5's.

After transplanting they stayed under those lights in addition to 4 more.

From there on we have watered with plain R/O water with Hygrozyme occasionally as well as using Bountea https://www.bountea.com/about-us/organic-bountea Compost tea every two weeks.

On January 3rd we began to flower, changing out the 6500k Grow T'5s for the 2900k Bloom spectra.
Lights on 8am - 8pm. When lights go off fans stay on.

We also purchased the first LED we will be using.. [side: unfortunately we will be using a smorgasbord of LED's in this run. We were considering not doing a journal until we had all the same LEDs though we figured information is information.. ] ..the Haight Solid State PPF 1600 PPF-1600 LED GROW LIGHT - 300 Watt

We switched out the middle 8 rack T5 for that LED.

Over the next week we will be taking out the T5's and putting in more LED's.

Since we transplanted them in the Super Soil they have not shown one nutrient deficiency and have been steadily growing and filling out. They have been topped numerous times as well as branches being tied down and gingerly snapped to strengthen. We have also been employing a not so popular technique of defoliation, information on grow weed easy.com/marijuana-defoliation-tutorial

As of today we are 12 days into flower!

during veg:

week 1 flower:

This is an outdoor greenhouse/light dep from Summer 2013
strawberry cough & GDP


Thanks for reading and following :]

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