hawaiian snow

  1. Lord Jebus

    I'm Back Baby

    Well in a few months I will be able to legally grow here in Canada so getting ready to come back with avengance.
  2. Cylent1

    Cylent1's Indoor LED Hawaiian Snow Scrog

    Hello everybody! :welcome: Been a while since I been on 420mag, But I,m back and ready to start a new journal.:blunt: I have recently since my last journal, bought a LED/Tent grow kit, So I'm super stoked to take my little experience and knowledge in growing 420 to the next level. I will be...
  3. Tinknocker711

    Update on my Grow flowering week 2

    So far So good , seems I had no ph issues or nute issues, plants look healthy thanks for any and all suggestions on my previous questions. here are some pics of my girls end of week 2 flowering The hawaiian Snow grows to tall for me wont be doing that agian indoors.Ill save the next few...
  4. S

    First Grow Indoor Super Lemon Haze - Hawaiian Snow - Kandy Kush Sog/Scrog Hempy

    i got a 10x10 room. Im gonna split the room into half. half sog and half scrog.hawaiian snow and super lemon haze for scrog side. i wonder if super lemon haze is good in sea of green. but i was gonna use kandy kush and maybe special kush that i got as a freebie from seaofseeds. germinated 9...
  5. BornTo420

    BornTo420 Grow #3 Hawaiian Snow - Creating A Mother Plant

    Grow #3 Hawaiian Snow (feminized) Start on 2/14/2012 with Online purchase TheDamSeedCo Online cost: $75.00 online search for discount coupon code : $-7.50 Subtotal : $67.50 VAT : $8.10 Shipping : $15.00 Total Cost : $90.60 2/20/2012 Received souvenirs 2/20/2012...
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