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  1. S

    Light height / Lux levels help needed

    Hey everyone Scrogfather here Was just wanting someone who could possibly advise me on lux levels as I'm getting a little bit of light bleach on my current grow (2 weeks into flower) so I decided to buy a lux meter to try and be a little more accurate while adjusting the lighting and with the...
  2. B

    Is doubling wattage from 600w to 1200w for flower a good idea?

    I'm currently running a 600w (equivalent) LED grow light in my 4'x4' tent. They're growing great but it's a relatively small light and probably only gets good light concentration to about 2'x2' of the canopy from a height of 24". I was thinking about buying another 600w light to get full canopy...
  3. S

    Newbie help please

    I am new to growing and have a question....I built a 4x4x4 plywood grow box and bought a 600 led with dual fans...my space is limited so thats why the height is a problem....well after realizing the cables that suspend the light are long i crunched the numbers and my grow height will be rather...
  4. A

    MH to HPS changeover concerns...

    Autos, week 4-5 from seed, preflowers barely showing. Time to go HPS? Do HPS lamps run hotter than MH - If so how much higher should I raise them (MH now @ ~22') Any other thoughts/comments? :Namaste: edited and corrected
  5. H

    Height question

    Indica 3 plants (cookies Kush, strawberry/banana, mystery free seed). Indoor Soil 7gal Led lighting ss440 Temp 75f Rh 55% First time grow. Indoor, 3x3 grow tent. Worried about the height of my babies. 24 days in the ground and tallest is just 7" tall. Started with lights 20" above...
  6. S

    Help! Blue Dream

    Need a bit of feed back; have a blue dream - 4.5 gallon pot - 2 (300 galaxyhydro's) vegged till plant height was 21 inches - now plant is 4.5 ft just in 3 weeks of flower (middle flower) and still growing, how height is an issue- any suggestions ? plant has all ready passed LED height by 6...
  7. P

    Average height for feminized plants before flowering

    Looking for some feedback regarding the height of feminized plants before changing the hours to 12/12. I've got 10 very nice looking Hash Plants, about 30" tall. They are growing inside so head space is limited to roughly 3.5-4.0 feet. Thanks!
  8. J

    Stunted Growth! White Label Super Skunk Auto

    Well im at around day 50, It's my second grow(First one was took down a few weeks early due to a police scare) Two of the plants are currently 11inch's The third is at 6 inch's I have a scrog which is at 12 inch's from plant base My mars 900 led is centered 18 inch's above the scrog...
  9. K

    What happens if I top my plant?

    One of my girls, the one I've left natural, has now reached a height of six feet. Since my stockade fence is that height, it presents a problem. People coming into my driveway may be able to see it. Oh it's still fifteen feet away from the fence, but I don't want to cause any trouble or get...
  10. C

    Crop King Blueberry grow

    Hi to everyone here, I am currently growing out some blueberry by crop king seeds, i am about a month in to the grow, under 600w hps, i have topped and lst'd and now I am wondering at which height i should begin flowering at. I guess what i am curious to know is how much this strain will stretch...
  11. D

    Using 400HPS air-cooled light for new seedlings - What height please?

    1st day white widow seedlings under 400hps at 30inches high and 73degrees f please help me decide on the height my 1st time with this light
  12. M

    Critique my proposed build!

    What I have: A crawl space under the house at 4ft useable height (you hit crossbeams above that height). What I want: A stealth tent/box/whatever that's enough to grow 2 plants. Bonus if I can grow 1 veg and 1 flower simultaneously. My ideas: Thinking about putting a stack of three of these...
  13. Crashdog

    Crashdog's 1st Grow Journal - How To Torture Small Leafy Things - DWC

    Welcome to my Journal Let me start out by saying I am a HORRIBLE Gardner. Most of my shit dies. Outdoors, I'll plant 3 pots of cukes, 3 in a pot into 3 hills (9 F'n plants) and maybe get 15-20 cukes. My folks will take one pot, divide it up into 1 plant per hill - 3 hills, and get over 100...
  14. H

    No nutes - Water and balanced pH

    Hello, I was reading up and a few friends told me they literally put the germinated seed in a proper mixed bag of soil and they water it every 1-3 days when needed until harvest. Then i read other people's posts where they are adding 15 different liquids to their plants to boost bud and...
  15. S

    Can I stunt the height growth of White Widow? I can't get White Widow Auto

    Can I stunt the height growth of White Widow? I recently grew Amnesia Haze, I bought the seeds from Crop King and was extremely pleased. The White Widow Auto is not currently available from Crop King but White Widow is available. I only want to purchase from Crop King and no one else. The...
  16. Scrogdawg

    When to top: Second cut?

    I topped this plant above the 4th node and I'd like to top each side once more as soon as possible do to height constraints in the room. What would be the appropriate time to do this again? . .
  17. T

    CKS strains stretch information needed

    Howdy folks I have White cookies , Crown Royale , and Green Crack from Crop king seeds . I just want to know what type of stretching you guy have experienced , did they double in size ,tripple or just 1.5x?? What height did you guys flip to 12/12 . mine are 4 weeks old from seed , 3...
  18. H

    Low pressure aeroponic sprayer height - Should I spray the netpots?

    Hello! I have recently learned the hard way that it is possible to water log/over water rockwool/rapid root inserts sitting in a netpot of hydroton with Low Pressure Aeroponics. I got lucky in my first grow-tote where the PVC spray bar was by random luck positioned lower and only sprayed the...
  19. G

    Please help mates - Need your indicatiom

    hello freinds this is my 4 ladys (first growth) day 11 and transplant in day 5 -what makes me feel it was a mistake... using : 1x1x2m tent 660w hps (dual+adjustable) how they look ? does the hight of the light are good ? thank for helpers ja bless. :Namaste:
  20. S

    A Beginners Journal - 250W HPS - Indoor - Soil In Wardrobe - Advice Welcome!

    Hello everyone! First of all i wanted to say that this is really a great Website! It gives me a lot of usefull Information and helped me a lot. Thank you guys here for that! English is not my natural language, so please don´t be too harsh with my words :) But now, lets move on to my Project...
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