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  1. Ogiesel

    High Pressure Aeroponic Grow with LEDs

    Hi gang, ogiesel here! back at it with the HP Aeroponics. As some of you may already know. My last HPA grow ended in the plants being thrown out because they both turned Hermi. They were both doing extremely well too. Vigorous growth & great overall health. It was a good test run as it was also...
  2. H

    Diy HPA

    Hi folks.I have practice with some soil grows,but i need something more "interesting". I want to make good High Pressure Aeroponics,but i don't want wich hardware exactly to buy,because i don't want to buy hydro over priced junks.I will grow form seeds,photoperiod with MH/HPS,after 2-3 grows i...
  3. indicasloth

    Misting Nozzle Placement

    I am having some trouble understanding where the mist nozzles should be placed in an HPA system. I will be using the 18 gal. Rubbermaid, but I will only be growing 4 plants, as that is the limit under Measure 91. When looking for Rubbermaid build references, this is the typical setup I seem...
  4. W

    HPA root trellis?

    I am about to put together my first high pressure aero system. I've detailed the entire project out in CAD tweaking and adjusting various aspects of my build prior to implementation. It's cheaper to screw up in the virtual world and make revisions with a click of a mouse rather than patching...
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