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    Afghan Kush x Super 🦨 2 more Black Widow and Okg, Black widow clones from first grow all together this time
  2. N

    Growee pH Controller

    I'm about to celebrate my 8th anniversary on the 420 forum magazine. I've learned a lot. This is my first product review, and I am happy to do it. A few months ago, I started using the Growee Automated pH Controller. For those not familiar, it is a Wi-Fi-connected controller with probes that...

    Vivosun & Klarna: Make Your Orders Easier

    VIVOSUN now accepts Klarna! Klarna is a financing app that helps break up large payments into smaller, manageable parts. We’re happy to be cooperating with Klarna to make big purchases easier for our customers. Shop now. Pay with Klarna. 💚
  4. DirtykneesandDinosaurs

    New Member

    Hi, I just wanted to say hello to everyone! And introduce myself and husband. I'm D we have been growing Organic Indoor medicine for 8 years. The road has been (and still can be) a hard road with lots of ups and downs, but my husband and I have managed to fight and stay in this business to help...
  5. meejay

    Meejay's Outdoor Cheese Haze Grow Journal, 2020

    Hello everyone. This is my first growth attempt in 25 years of smoking weed. I will try to give as much information as possible throughout my journey. Unfortunately, I have found this site during 3rd week of vegetation stage last week. I have just decided to write a journey as well. What...
  6. CanGrows


    Hi All First time grower here learning as I go, i look forward to learning more off of you all.
  7. Chinaloa

    Enter The Dirty Brix Chambers

    Root Tang Clan aint nothing to fuk with! OK enough.. I just had to Anyways, this will be my first journal ever and the excitement of sharing this part of my life that I have kept behind closed doors for so long brings me so much joy! I would first of all like to thank the great community that...
  8. ChronicPDX

    First Grow - Quicksand Kush

    Just set in 6 Quicksand Kush plants for my first grow. About a week from flipping them to 12/12. Current grow environment it a 9.5x5 grow tent under 2 1000 watt MH, which will continue through the first week of flower when they will be switched out for HPS. Temperature hasn't been an issue so...
  9. L

    2nd CFL Grow Sativa Seeds From Bag Seed

    What strain is it? Unknown from bagseed Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Sativa Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Seeds just spread out in soil If in Veg... For how long? 11 days since i put them in soil. Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Soil If soil... what is...
  10. K

    Grow Big-San Diego Trade Show

    I should be at the San Diego "Grow Big" trade show this weekend; I heard it is a good event, lots of freebies, cheap beer! Anyone went last year? The ticket are free for Sunday.I saw the pictures and peoples seems that they had fun. It's gonna be my first time in S.D.
  11. J.Cervantes

    The Male Plant, a Closeup Look with Jorge Cervantes

    This video shows male pollen dispersing into the air. You see a closeup vue of the super fine minute grains of male pollen wafting away from the flower into the air.
  12. Ducci

    Ducci Design — New Medical Marijuana Garden

    Hi my name is Ducci; I’m a legal marijuana caregiver in Colorado. I just recently started to do garden designs for my friends & for my business in Colorado. In the state of Colorado, medical marijuana may only legally be prescribed to those who have what are known to be debilitating illnesses...
  13. D

    DrDan's Advanced Nutrients Hydro Grow, Afghan-Gooey and Others

    Hello all and welcome to my first grow journal. I am a medical MJ patient and I grow for myself and 2 other patients. I am currently getting things rolling so I can harvest every 4 to 5 weeks. The strains I am using are high THC content and two are mystery girls that are either White Widow or...
  14. MisterPeabody

    Mister Peabody's First Grow

    Finally got my stealth grow cab completed and it's time to grow. This grow began life in the comfort of a 1" Rockwell cube, PH'd for 48 hrs @ 5.0 respectively. The story begins.. The girls are beginning to shift gears (girls, I hope). Here you can see the reservoir, and how shallow it is...
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