1. Slipdog01

    Relative humidity and storage

    Question on the Cure in the Jar and the rh factor of the cure. I do know a little on the Mason Jar and I am a week from putting buds in Jars. As of now on 2nd of hang, fan and in 95%dark. rh has to do with Humidity. Drier, easier to keep your stick lit. But as thru cure and flip in the jar and...
  2. Humidor


    Stays at around 62% always
  3. D

    Normalizing cannabis in white elephant

    My company had a white elephant gift exchange and they said alcohol was an acceptable gift. I live in California, so I decided to shake things up by gifting a nice bud from my last grow. It came out to 3grams and looked really sweet in the mason jar. Being a responsible person, I printed a...
  4. vyserage

    Help with the final decisions of my first cure please - With Boveda

    Hey guys so im struggling with figureing out my final touches to my cure. I would greatly appreciate replies from others who have used boveda packs. Here is my process im using: _____________________ DRYING: Hang dry for 3-4 days in closet via hangers or drying rack. Humidity set to 55 at...
  5. K.puff&stuff

    How long

    Hi Guys I have a small question after curing the plant in mason jar meaning i burp hem for 3 weeks first week open up jar for 10 minutes 3 times a day first week . second week open the jar 2 time a day for 10 minutes. 3 weeks open jar once a day for 10 minutes. after all that is done how long...
  6. vyserage

    Am I curing correctly?

    Bud hang dried for 4 and a half days (inside closet, no fan, humidistat at 50%) where it felt crispy on outside and a little moist on inside. I clipped them all from stem and put into a wide mouthed mason jar with a gyro meter. It started at 60 humidity in jar and within 1-2 hours it was at...
  7. L

    Curing buds and still sticky

    Hey everyone, I grew some skunk number one, all went well and I harvesters her Sunday 24th of September's and hung my buds to dry. I let them dry until today. They don't seem wet,not damp and not really dry either if that makes sense but they are sticky, I've put them in mason jars to...
  8. Jackalope

    Malawi Cure

    Malawi Gold from Seeds of Africa was the first landrace sativa I've grown. For a landrace it did grew well indoors. Drying was a bitch. While the buds were firm they dried really airy. Twice I had to put fresh leaves in the jar to re-hydrate them. A trick a old grower taught me. It works...
  9. S

    Mold cured

    Why did I get mold after a week in the Mason jar?.. I aired it out daily..?
  10. B

    Pure THC & Terpene mix

    The biggest problem to create e-liquids based on thc was the separation between liquid and thc (#¹) ...but now the problem is solved by terpenes !!! Liquid-product based on terpenes provide a very natural and familiar medium to emulsify and liquefy extracts without ever worrying about...
  11. G

    Storing weed to keep for a while

    ok so i bought 8 grams of weed and i put it in this jar but the jar is way to big,i was thinking if i just put the weed inside of a ziplock bag. Then put it into the jar and it might be better than to just leave it in the jar.
  12. potanna

    Other ways to cure buds?

    hey you guys. so i got a problem with the curing process. my plants are ready for harvest but i will have to go away for a while so i will only have time to dry them. Unfortunately i cant take the buds with me, so i gotta find a way to cure them from distance. To telecure them or to autocure...
  13. A

    Why do my buds stink & a couple of curing questions

    Last night I finally trimmed the buds the rest of the way and put them in jars, but I noticed that after I did the buds smelled really bad. Any way to correct this? I read I should be opening the jars for 15 mins, twice a day to circulate air, is this true? And what does it mean if the temp...
  14. Katelyn Baker

    Mason Jar Event Group Celebrates One Year Of Seasonal Cannabis-Themed Dinners

    On Sunday, October 2, more than 150 people gathered at Planet Bluegrass in Lyons for another Mason Jar Event Group seasonal dinner. Gathered on the banks of North St. Vrain Creek, guests socialized as they smoked cannabis and enjoyed the first course - organic roasted-squash soup served with...
  15. P

    Bud/Stem rot - Oregon coast - Help

    Im a fairly new outdoor grower in Oregon. I live in a coastal town with alot of foggy nights and mornings. My plants have developed bud rot on the stems only thus far. Im wondering if anyone has ever cut off the stem and finished the bud hydroponicly. As in a jar of water with nutrients. I'm...
  16. Zafu

    When curing - How full or empty are your jars?

    I've read through many of these threads and can't find this exact question, so pardon me if I've missed it. My first grow (outdoors) is doing well here in N. Cal. Growing three varieties (Acapulco Gold, Laughing Buddha and Vanilla Kush). All have started flowering (very early stage). In...
  17. 4Dutchess

    Mason jars help cure?

    I think my medicine is better after sitting in a jar for 6 months? Is this true or my imagination??? Jesse
  18. Greenethumb42

    Blackberry Kush

    Cut her down yesterday..she went 11 weeks flower and she turned out nice..I have a bud I took off before I cut her down..I have it in a mason jar and when you open the jar it smells like blackberry lickerish
  19. Amadeus Forzin

    Magic E-cig juice

    A few people around the place have been asking about a cannabis liquid to put into an e cig. I came across these 2 sets of instructions on other sites and thought id copy them over here for the fine folks at 420 magazine to enjoy. Most important thing to remember folks... Safety first I...
  20. KbCobra

    Do you have to decarb shatter for edibles?

    I tried looking it up online and the answer varies. Also can I decarb it in a glass mason jar mixed with olive oil then put it in boiling water and use the olive oil for brownies
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