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    Holland & Palmer P.D. Use Serial Child Rapist & Killer as C.I. #62 by Captain Joint

    :420: Take note here, I am looking for a Lawyer to pick this case up for me Pro Bono for 1/3rd cut of the civil suit - all this is documented! :thumb: The Holland Mass. / Captain Joint Marijuana Raid of 2003 Exposed ... by Captain Joint ... 11/29/2011 It sometimes takes a lot to pull all...
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    Drugs Missing, Ex Chief Kevin P. Gleason Suspect, No Charges Filed?

    :rollit: I am posting this from - It seems the folks that appointed Gleason as Chief are now trying to say they didn't... Read on, then check out The Board of Selectmen discussed the future of the Holland Police Department after Chief Kevin Gleason's resignation...
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    An Open Letter to Law Enforcement about Ex-Chief Kevin P. Gleason & Friends

    As the Chief Of Holland Mass. Resigns in Shame & the whole Town is Up In Arms about his Crimes. I am again bringing up what he put My family through while I was in the Hospital & in ICU, Fighting for my life. Specifics on Chief Kevin P. Gleason & Agent Scott Haley in the Unlawful Entry at 90...
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