Drugs Missing, Ex Chief Kevin P. Gleason Suspect, No Charges Filed?


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:rollit: I am posting this from 01521.com - It seems the folks that appointed Gleason as Chief are now trying to say they didn't...
Read on, then check out
The Board of Selectmen discussed the future of the Holland Police Department after Chief Kevin Gleason's resignation
The selecboard's meeting, Wed. May 13, 09, to discuss the situation without Police Chief Kevin Gleason & the time of transition until a new Chief of Police will be appointed. Present were three members of the Board of Selectmen, James Wettlaufer, chairman, Earl Johnson, & Christian Petersen. The Holland Police Department,(HPD) was represented by Lieutenant Ray Moorehouse, Sergeant Brian C. Haughey, & Officer Herb Duggan.
There was talk about the need of a new evidence locker, about cleaning up & going through big piles of documents.Ex Chief Gleason kept everything & failed to sort out documents that no longer needed to be on file under the record keeping laws. Sergeant Brian Haughey seems to be the one in charge of doing most of the clean up. Johnson acknowledged the fact by stating: "You have done an enormous amount of work last week."
During the meeting, there was no mentioning of the much talked about planned Tri-Town Police.
The safe keeping of evidence got a lot of attention. Ex Chief Kevin Gleason was the only member of the HPD that had access to the evidence locker. While Gleason was chief, there was no backup person that would have taken over responsibility for the evidence locker. Wettlaufer,"I would like to see some sort of checks & balances." Back in 03, John Moran reported drugs missing out of the evidence locker. Gleason & Moran were the only two individuals who had a key to the evidence locker. The State Police conducted an investigation about the larceny. The scheduled polygraph test was taken by Moran, Gleason rescheduled several times & finally refused to take the test. Despite the fact that Gleason's fingerprints were inside the container with the drugs the investigation was terminated & no charges filed. Shortly after, Moran was laid off & Gleason's contract as Chief of Police renewed in June of 03 by James Wettlaufer, Earl Johnson, & Christian Petersen.
Wettlaufer asked the three officers,"how do you want to proceed?" A discussion ensued during which it was decided that the Chief's responsibilities would be shared among the officers with Lieutenant Moorehouse the first in command. However, it was decided not to appoint him as the acting interim Chief of the HPD. Ray Moorehouse became the first lieutenant on the HPD upon the recommendation of ex Chief Gleason back on November 12, 05. Moorehouse sees the need that at least one member of the committee has a law enforcement background.
Selectman Earl Johnson:"We want to get it right this time," claiming that Jim Foley, Carolyn Reardon, & Paul Foster appointed Kevin Gleason as the Chief of Police. However, records show that he himself together with James Wettlaufer & Christian Petersen appointed Kevin Gleason to the Chief position. Earl Johnson was the chairman of the board at that time. Not only did the three incumbent selectmen appoint Gleason back on September 5, 02; they reappointed him after his first one year contract expired, & again in 06. Gleason's contract would have ended in Oct of this year.
The search committee appointed by the selectboard that selected Kevin Gleason back in 02 as the top contestant consisted of the three members, Stacy Quinones, Eddie Voloka & Mike the Greek ,(Mike Mertzanis). Gleason became the acting Chief of the HPD after Donald A. Haapakoski resigned.
Peter Frei
Ex Police Chief Gleason before Federal Grand Jury?
According to information obtained by the Holland Blog, Kevin Gleason, Former Chief of Police of the town of Holland, allegedly followed a subpoena to appear before a Federal Grand Jury. The Grand Jury allegedly convened last Tuesday, June 9, 2009, in the United States District court for the District of Massachusetts in Springfield.
Fed. R. Crim. P. 6(e) prohibits the government from revealing "a matter occurring before the grand jury." This prohibition covers the content of Federal Grand Jury testimony. But it goes much further. The government cannot even reveal that a certain individual appeared before the Federal Grand Jury or that a certain individual had been subpoenaed or scheduled to appear. Gleason was a gun nut. On one occasion, Gleason proudly showed his license to carry a machine gun to a woman on their first date.
Kevin P. Gleason allegedly bought eight new hand guns, five of which were intended for the Holland Police Department. The remaining three hand guns he allegedly sold privately keeping the money for himself. It should be easy to indict and convict Gleason based on the alleged evidence. The former Chief allegedly carried the paperwork establishing proof of the illegal gun sale in his cruiser where it was allegedly secured into evidence during the execution of a seize and search warrant.
Besides state law violations, the selling of handguns without a dealer's license is a Federal Crime under Title 26 U.S.C. carrying a prison sentence of up to 10 years and/or up to $10,000 in fines. See Title 26 U.S.C. s.5871.
Earl Johnson and James Wettlaufer promoted Gleason to the Chief position back in July 2002, and reappointed Gleason repeatedly despite his involvement in several lawsuits. Earl Johnson had a personal relationship with Gleason and was seen on a regular basis driving with Gleason in the Dodge Police Cruiser with the tinted windows to Hooyas in Brimfield for breakfast and lunch.
Other posts on the Holland Blog about Kevin Gleason and the town officials which protected him for many years, click on any link:

Ex Chief Gleason investigated
The Holland Blog was informed by a reliable source at the town hall that Kevin Gleason was the "town official" that gave cause to the executive sessions held by the board of selectman during the last two regular official Board meetings. In a letter sent on or around May 5, 2009, chairman of the board of selectmen, James Wettlaufer, "empowered" first Assistant District Attorney James Orenstein, Hampden County Bureau, to move forward with an investigation to determine if any wrongdoing took place. The recent resignation of Police Chief Kevin Gleason caused the selectboard to change all the locks and security codes and claimed that this would be "normal procedure." Gleason cited medical reasons for his resignation a week ago and Wettlaufer has yet to admit to the residents of Holland that Gleason's resignation brought "certain irregularities" to light.
Peter Frei

Officials still cover Chief Kevin Gleason
Every word in bold italic on the entire Holland Blog is a link, click on any to read the original document.
I do have knowledge that the State Police conducted an investigation about a larceny, implicating Kevin Gleason, around the time our Board of Selectmen, Earl Johnson, James Wettlaufer, and Christian Peterson promoted Kevin Gleason and trusted him with the safety of our community. I sent a letter and requested a copy of the report on the investigation under the "Freedom of Information Act."
The answer letter written by Joan O'Brian from the Office of the Chief Legal Counsel, 470 Worcester Road, Farmington Ma 01702, is telling. The answer was written at a time Kevin Gleason was still the Chief in Holland. The letter insinuates that there is no limit to the cost that such a request could potentially incur. This of course is BS. Under the law, they have to supply me with copies at a cost of $1 per page. If they can't find the report because they have a mess and are not organized it is their problem. Officials instead of checking each other they cover each other, it is a phenomena I witnessed throughout government, including all three branches. Our selectboard had many opportunities to oust Gleason. It is telling that it did not!
I try to find humor in everything; I could not do what I do otherwise. My answer letter to Joan O'Brian needs to be read with this in mind to be appreciated.
Some day I will have a copy of the report, I promise! I will thereafter add a piece about Kevin P. Gleason under his name to the "Who Is Who" section of the Holland Blog to bring closure to the Gleason saga. If you have knowledge of criminal conduct by Kevin Gleason, you can file a report with the FBI, click here to get to the website where you can file a tip!
Peter Frei

Police Chief Kevin Gleason resigned under duress.
The rise and fall of our latest Chief of Police is as much a story about Kevin Gleason as it is about our corrupt selectmen Earl Johnson and James Wettlaufer who created the environment that allowed a creature like Kevin P. Gleason to "thrive." Gleason was nothing more than a puppet on strings operated by Johnson and others at will.

It was on a warm day in June of 2002 when I caught red-handed two teenagers, Timothy Kane and Scott Manski, throwing bricks through a window of a cottage on my property. After grabbing one of the juveniles with one hand, I called 911 with my other hand.

Gleason arrested the two vandals for breaking in and entering on the spot. As I never heard anything from the courts and did not believe Gleason's claim that this was not unusual as the matter was probably thrown out, I complained at the DA's office. An investigation performed by assistant district attorney Richard B. Morse revealed that Gleason never filed any papers or my report with the courts. This first personal experience put Gleason on my radar.

In his short career as Chief of Police, Gleason managed to be a defendant in no less than four civil rights lawsuits filed by different plaintiffs in the U.S. District Court.

Stacey Quinones v. Town of Holland Police Department, Chief Kevin Gleason, Ray Morehouse and Earl Johnson.

Peter K. Frei v. Town of Holland et al.

David Bunn et al v. Chief Kevin Gleason et al

Northeast Concepts Inc. et al v. Town of Holland, Chief Kevin Gleason et al

The state police investigated Gleason for larceny after confiscated drugs disappeared from the evidence locker. He refused to take a lie-detector test. Some of Gleason's fingerprints were inside the bag containing the drugs. Countless allegations against Gleason have been made in the comments of this blog. Some of the allegations so warped that nobody could make them up.

Gleason is notorious for having problems to manage his financial affairs and filed for personal bankruptcy despite the fact that the unassuming taxpayer pays for his personal belongings he loses when not even on duty. Gleason is wearing $300 NIKE designer glasses in the picture shown on the left paid for by the taxpayer. He lost the first set of glasses while off-duty and charged the set he is wearing in the picture to the town. He bragged about it to one of his dating victims.

Gleason is living a dissolute life. He has profiles on different dating pages and changes frequently his user identities. Click here to see a profile he had on match.com and click here to see another example he had on plentyoffish.com.

According to a comment on this blog, Gleason defecated into the hope chest of his first wife and the mother of two of his children when he left her for good. He later allegedly bragged about it at a party of a known rapist.

It was March 13, 2008 when I posted a piece with the title Police Chief of Holland, Kevin Gleason, arrested for OUI, (Operating under the influence of alcohol). My webpage was not interactive at that time and only a few people took notice. Febrary 14, 2009 was the date the Holland Blog was online for the first time. I since posted the following pieces featuring Gleason:

Riddle (no.1)
I personally do not believe in drugs, never tried any, never needed any, and I'm glad it is that way. My drug of choice is work. I also do not have any tattoos either.

Drugs and tattoos, are the subjects this riddle is all about.

It is obvious that some people using drugs and like tattoos make a statement about their drug of choice with a tattoo.
The most obvious would be a cannabis leaf, but some like it more discrete I learned. (I have learned a lot since I launched the Holland Blog two month ago).

Here is the riddle: There is a town official who is carrying a tattoo on one of his legs, a tattoo of a joker.

I heard that some people carry a Joker tattoo as a subtle hint to reveal their drug of choice. (The Joker brand is the preferred rolling paper for cannabis users).

Here are the questions:

(1) Who is the town official that carries a joker tattoo on one of his legs?

(2) Is it a coincident that this official has allegedly smoked pot in the past?

Who ever posts the first comment with the right answer will be treated to a pizza at Enrico's in Sturbridge at my expense!!

Town officials are not allowed to participate, that would be too easy.....

Peter Frei

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Posted on 20 Apr 2009, 20:14 by James P LaMountain
I Know..OOH OOOH I Know
I will buy you lunch Mr Frei.
And there is nothing wrong with smoking a lil weed anyhow.
MARIJUANA is not a drug.. Like corn or beans or tomatoes it is a plant. It grows and you pick it dry it and use it unaltered.

Drugs on the other hand may be derived from many places. Usually they are compounds that have been chemically altered, distilled or otherwise changed.

Have you ever heard of ayone going home and beating their wife after they smoke a lil weed. Unlike alcohol people just seem to mellow out after they smoke.
The other argument the anti pot contingent uses is to say it is a gateway to hardcore drugs. I know many people who smoke a lil weed and thats it.

Nice picture. I think the joker tattoo is on the right guy and has nothing to do with weed. ....Although I am sure the Joker with the tattoo did indulge he will probablly tell you he did not inhale.

Posted on 20 Apr 2009, 20:35 by Skipper
Am I right?
(1) I would guess it is Earl Johnson...
(2) I would guess the answer is NO!

Posted on 20 Apr 2009, 20:40 by best guess
RE: Joker
Could it be that the Holland Chief of Police is the joker? Does he have a tattoo of the joker from the most popular brand of rolling paper? Yeah, bet HE's never smoked a fatty or raided the evidence locker!

Posted on 20 Apr 2009, 21:50 by Peter Frei
"best gues" is the winner!
Jimmy, I accept your invitation, thanks!
Skipper, it is not good ole Earl, Earl's choice of drug seems to be OxyContin what I learned.... which explains a lot.
by best guess, you are the winner since Jimmy did not mention Kevin P. Gleason's name. You are right, it is our Chief of Police, Kevin Gleason. I thought it would take longer, now I have to figure out another riddle....
"by best guess," email me or call me so we can arrange a time to enjoy pizza together, I look forward to meet people participating on the Holland Blog.

Posted on 21 Apr 2009, 6:49 by Pot Smoker
Quit picking on Kevin Gleason. Smoking pot makes him a police chief we all want. Why would we want a chief that is straight?
What about Wettlaufer. When he ran the bar in town did he not also indulge in smoking marijuana?
Maybe he can get a Joker tattoo also. Then he and the Chief can have his and her tattoos.

Posted on 21 Apr 2009, 7:31 by ME
oh the joker how fitting. the chief wears what he is. he is a joke period. you people are just now realizing what a complete ass he is do you want more? i am not exactically sure how many failed marriages he had but the one he was married to and had two boys from when they divorced he took all of his stuff and left something behind. he took a shit in her hope chest. this is the kind of chief you want someone who brags about this at a party with greg barseleau a rapist. you guys are wise. he hangs out with all the right people. i hope you do an audit on the station . look and see all of the bills that he has not paid and all of the debt he owes to people. where are all the new things he buys for the station? maybe at his apartment in southbridge. kevin you are going to get whatever is comming to you because karma is a bitch put the ar 15 to good use.

Posted on 21 Apr 2009, 10:29 by Peter Frei
Gleason defecated into a hope chest?
Kevin, please tell me that this is not true! Please tell me that what "by ME" claims are false accusations and that you did not take a dump into the Hope Chest of your former wife.
I start to believe that you are much worse than I assumed.... I wonder what Earl Johnson and James Wettlaufer think about this.

Posted on 28 Apr 2009, 20:03 by me again
when will it stop
oh its true every word. when will you stop this chief and the selectman with getting away with everything. holland is a wonderful town and people need a savior to get in there and clean it up. i hope someone contacts the board in order to obtain the financial records of the police department lets see where kevin is hiding the money. lets see the inventory. the town did it once before when the members of the police dive team were stealing the inventory. lets have another audit. please someone stop this monster. please leave more comments because if you like hearing the truth i will speak it and in due time when he gets it i will reveal my source but i will leave you with bits and pieces to get this man caught for all the wrong doing that he has done. kevin you may be able to hide now but one day your conscience will kill you...or maybe you will get to it first.

The "Victory" claimed by Gleason & Wettlaufer comes at a hefty Price for the Taxpayer
For most residents that cloudy day back on March 27, 2003, was just another day. For David Bunn and his extended family however, life after that day would never be the same again.
Anti-war groups had called for widespread civil disobedience for that day, including blocking busy intersections and staging a "die-in" to protest media and corporate "profiteering from the war." As protesters were chanting "Hey-hey, ho-ho, Bush's war has to go!" and "Peace now!" Police and security officers placed a web of barricades along Fifth Avenue between 49th and 50th streets, near St. Patrick's Cathedral and the Saks Fifth Avenue store.

Chief Gleason's day did not carry the promise of "New York" style action, so he had to create some on his own. Just promoted to Chief of Police, Gleason didn't waste any time and made his department the first in Hampden County to join the Central Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council, the Central Massachusetts SWAT team. Everything was in place for Chief Gleason to get some action that would, combined with others to come, help form his legend.

Based on nothing more than alleged rumors, a SWAT team of 15 officers kicked in the door of Gleason's first victim at dawn on that fateful Thursday morning in March of 2003. The complaint filed thereafter by the owner of the rampaged house reads like a script of a bad movie: The search warrant issued by a Judge was based on a sworn affidavit submitted by Chief Kevin Gleason and Scott Haley, lead agent of the Eastern Hampden County Narcotic Task Force; the affidavit states that a confidential informant had bought marijuana from David Bunn at a time when David Bunn in fact was in a hospital getting surgery.

All charges against the Bunn's eventually were dismissed, Gleason and Haley failed to produce any evidence whatsoever and the confidential informant only seemed to exist in Gleason's and Haley's imagination. Remember, despite the sworn affidavit claiming that illegal drugs were sold out of the residence at 90 Maybrook road in Holland, nobody was arrested and convicted. What the Federal Government has yet to achieve, Gleason and Haley thought they can do. At a cost of about 40 billion dollars per year, the war on drugs does not really work as we all know.

It is a tragedy that Gleason and Wettlaufer claim victory because Bunn failed to get justice as he does not have the financial means to pursue his case to the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. Sadly the Bunn family is not the only victim here, every taxpayer in Holland is forced by Gleason and Wettlaufer to grab the short end of the stick. The deductible for any law suit to be paid by the town of Holland to the liability insurance company is at least $ 10,000. Selectman Wettlaufer and Johnson repeatedly stated that the town has no other option as to defend itself against "frivolous" law suits. What would the reader do different if Gleason's reign of terror would struck the reader's home? The question remains, how much longer are members of the selectboard and the residents of Holland willing to foot the bill Gleason's "accomplishments" create?

For a more indebt view into the Bunn case you can click on any link (any bold words in italic) to see corresponding documents. No newspaper can provide this service, an advantage that is one of many of this blog.

The initial complaint was filed in the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut on June 7th, 2005. The plaintiffs'filed a motion to change venue and the case then was transferred to the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts upon a ruling in plaintiff's favor. The defendant Haley filed a motion to dismiss on February 27, 2008. Judge Michael Ponsor issued a memorandum and order regarding defendant's motion to dismiss on May 23, 2008, granting Haley's motion. The defendants' deposed David Bunn during a deposition on April 30, 2008; and Judith Bunn during a deposition on the same day; Cougar Bunn during a deposition on May 1st, 2008; Christena Dodge during a deposition on the same day; Jamie Dodge during a deposition on the same day. The plaintiffs' deposed defendant Chief Kevin Gleason during a deposition on May 6th, 2008. Judge Michael A. Ponsor granted defendant Haley's motion to dismiss and issued his memorandum and order on May
23, 2008. The plaintiffs' deposed Haley Scott during a deposition on May 30, 2008. Plaintiffs' filed a motion to reconsider granting the dismissal the complaint as to the defendant Haley. Defendant Gleason filed a motion for summary judgment that prompted plaintiffs' to file their memorandum in opposition to the defendants' motion for summary judgment and their statement of facts in dispute in support of their memorandum in opposition to the defendants' motion for summary judgment on October 17, 2008. Defendants' Chief Kevin Gleason and Officer Kenneth Fitzgerald filed their motion to strike on November 4, 2008.

Peter Frei

*********************************************************************** Here is David Bunn's own statement:

Captain Joint sez,
"Agent Scott Haley and Chief Kevin P. Gleason Guilty of Perjury again!"

In the January 2003 issue of High Times I was named Freedom Fighter of the month. In February 2003 I had a letter to the editor printed in a local paper about the Ed Rosenthal case, and put in print that I was a medical marijuana patient. The police used that letter and front page newspaper clippings of the Southbridge / High Times Extra Mart demonstration, along with three fabricated marijuana buys to get a no-knock warrant on my home. On March 27, 2003 my family home in Holland Mass. was raided by the police. All charges in this raid that were brought against my family were dismissed by the courts. My case against the police has just been dismissed in court also. I was asking by way of a civil case that a jury take a look at the police work done here. The Town of Holland Mass. did provide lawyers to the defendants, the police, to help cover up their crimes. A Judge has refused me the right to take this case to a jury, and the cost of an appeal and the
lawyers I would need to go on is in excess of $15,000.00. I can no longer afford to throw my money into the legal system, so I am putting this case out in as open as a forum as I can find. I have posted the depositions of Chief Kevin P. Gleason and Agent Scott Haley on my web site at Captain Joint fights the WAR on DRUGS for public viewing. This will allow the public to judge for themselves the "good police work" that the Town of Holland has credited these fine officers with. I only ask that the public keep in mind as they read these sworn documents that,
(1) The police could produce no "evidence" of the three marijuana buys they claim came from my family home.
(2) The police could/would not produce the C.I. #62 they claim bought marijuana on the stated dates from my family home to testify in court.
(3) The police claim they have documented sales from me to a C.I. #62, yet I was never charged.
(4) The two sworn depositions from the two officers differ as to what officers were at what documented buys. (This is because these buys never happened and the police should be charged with perjury, both on the affidavit in 2003, as well as again in their sworn depositions of 2008)
(5) Agent Scott Haley claims his C.I. #62 told him I had tubes and stuff sticking out of my arms due to my illness. I had no tubes sticking out of my arms prior to the raid of March 27, 2003. I was in the hospital from March 20, 2003, right through March 25, 2003 when the warrant was signed. I was operated on March 25, and was still inpatient in I.C.U. when my daughter called me in the hospital on March 27, as the house was being raided. Both Chief Kevin P. Gleason and Agent Scott Haley's statements in these sworn depositions are lies/perjury.

I do believe the F.B.I. should look into this case. If there was any "good police work" here I would have been arrested and charged! It is also my claim that one or both of these officers have created false evidence and presented it to the courts during the discovery portion of the trial against my Wife and Daughter. This was done in the form of photocopied money. The court refused the bogus evidence. Creating false evidence is a crime! If these statements from me are considered slander, then please charge me with that crime. Prove I am lying. You can't because I know the truth. These police officers should be brought up on charges, not protected by the town.

David Bunn a/k/a Captain Joint, Captain Joint fights the WAR on DRUGS
cops took our blunts last tuesday lol didnt step on em or anything kept them in his hand perfectly dude did this shit lol no questions fuck the cops they get away with whatever theyre a legalized gang tell me the last time they helped u......ill wait
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