Holland & Palmer P.D. Depositions Kevin Gleason & Scott E. Haley / Captain Joint Raid


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Holland & Palmer Police Depositions of Kevin P. Gleason & Scott E. Haley in Captain Joint Raid

The two links I am posting today are the depositions of X-Chief of Police Kevin P. Gleason of Holland Mass. & Special Agent Scott E. Haley of Palmer Mass., who also did head up the Eastern Hampton County Narcotic Task Force back in 2003.

In these depositions, both officers claim to have sent a Confidential Informant #C.I. #62 into my home on three dates in 2003 to buy marijuana from me. On the three dates I was documented in the hospital. There is a very good reason I was never charged with sales, and all charges against my family were dismissed. The marijuana sales were lies and no crime was ever comitted, so the police had no right or reason to ever enter my home. This was a botched attempt by law enforcement to steal my family land for the illegal land deals documented on Peter Frei's site 01521.com

The statements of these officers are acts of perjury, and the "evidence" and "photocopied money" they refer to are acts of manufacturing false evidence.

These are crimes by police officers that I am trying to get investigated.

If you take the time to read the depositions, you will find no proper police work was done on this case at all. No requests for money for controlled buys, no C.I. logs, not a note on what is represented as a six week investigation that resulted in a SWAT raid on my children and grandchildren while I was in the hospital in ICU and my wife Judy on her way to visit me.

In Chief Gleason's deposition he claims to still have my marijuana in his desk drawer because he "doesn't know what to do with it"??? Sombody give him a bic and a bong and from his past I know he will figure it all out. Many of the drugs and money that was taken as "evidence" became Chief Gleason's property, google that fact.

The Town of Holland had a lot to say about my case prior to the Confidential Informant Gerald Battistoni being revealed as a child raping predator and suspected child killer.

My family was driven out of Holland Mass. because of this raid, our children could not play with their friends, and no one could drive out of our driveway without being stopped and questioned by the police.

The Town of Holland made victims of our family, and protected their Chief of Police in this case, but Gleason went to jail for so many other charges. Illegal sale of guns, stolen evidence of drugs and money, he is documented in Federal paperwork offering to shoot a woman in Florida.... so much, yet he served 3 months of a two year term and seems to be missing...?

It's not over yet, more will come out when the Task Force has to pop their old cases open because of the way C.I. #62 was used in my case. I never met him, yet the police claim I sold him marijuana on three dates they made up. What can I say to the Town of Holland Mass. but "Lier, Lier, pants on fire"

Stay tuned, more to come...
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