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I have heard a buzz that Special Agent/SGT Scott E. Haley of the Eastern Hampton County Narcotics Task Force, Palmer Mass., is going to retire after 30 years of police work. A Google search found me a news story that Private Detective Dan Malley, the man that put Gerald Battistoni behind bars for serial child rape, has now, along with the Molly Bish family asked the FBI to look into a connection between Gerald Battistoni and the cold case murder of Molly Bish, a 16 year old lifeguard that went missing in 2000, and her body was found in the Whiskey Hill area of Mass. in 2003. The connection here is that Gerald Battistoni was known to buy drugs in the Whiskey Hill area. Gerald Battistoni was a confidential informant for the Palmer Task Force under the direct supervision of Special Agent Scott E. Haley. Gerald Battistoni also looks a lot like the police sketches that were done at the time.
The "Captain Joint" connection to Gerald Battistoni is through an act of perjury by Special Agent Scott E. Haley, who signed off on an affidavit claiming that he witnessed Gerald Battistoni entering my home in Holland Mass. on three dates and Gerald Battistoni bought marijuana from me on these three dates. The dates that Scott Haley signed off on are three dates that I was documented in the hospital, in ICU, and near dead. I never met Gerald Battistoni, he was never my party buddy.
The Chief of Police that led the raid with Scott E. Haley was Chief Kevin P. Gleason of Holland Mass., who has gone to jail for stealing drugs and money from evidence, buying guns on the towns dollars then selling them to other corrupt cops and pocketing the money, and a few other crimes rolled up in a plea arrangement. He was also in a civil suit where the Town Of Holland paid off $50,000.00 to a female officer he harassed. This Chief of Police perjured himself in sworn depositions, claiming he also saw Gerald Battistoni enter my home to buy marijuana from me.
Scott E. Haley also perjured himself in sworn depositions taken during my civil case against these officers. He claimed that the informant Gerald Battistoni told them I had tubes and stuff sticking out of my arms prior to the raid on March 27, 2003.
My operation was March 26,2003 and prior to that date no tubes were sticking out of any part of me....
So it's a real no-brainer that the cops lied and the marijuana sales never took place. Yet when, a year and a half later my wife and daughter were charged with simple possession, the police during the discovery portion of the trial produced Xerox copies of the money used in the marijuana sales that never happened. This is called manufactured (false) evidence provided to the courts by the police.
I am thinking that my medical records, the cops lies, and the scheme they hatched to try and steal my family land all adds up to this...
The FBI should look at how Special Agent Scott E. Haley used Gerald Battistoni a/k/a C.I.#62 to attempt to steal land. They should also look at the fact that the Eastern Hampton County Task Force was investigating the Molly Bish murder while her suspected killer was working for them.
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Printed yesterday in the Telegram & Gazette New DNA tests set in Molly Bish case - Worcester Telegram & Gazette -
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