Captain Joint takes info on Mass Confidential Informant Gerald Battistoni to the FBI


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As of a few weeks ago it was made public that the FBI is now looking at GERALD BATTISTONI, a confirmed confidential informant and convicted child rapist in the cold case murder of Molly Bish. I have just gone to the Bangor branch of the FBI to have them look at Gerald Battistoni for a very different reason. A SWAT Raid on my home on March 27, 2003 was based on an affidavit claiming I sold marijuana to confidential informant #62 (Gerald Battistoni) on three dates. On all three dates I was documented in the hospital. The affidavit was signed by Special Agent Scott E. Haley of the Eastern Hampton County Narcotic Task Force. This "raid" on my home I now believe was an attempt to steal the land by a crooked task force and Holland town officials at that time.
I have supplied the FBI with the affidavit, as well as my hospital records, depositions of Chief (no more) Kevin P. Gleason and Special Agent Scott E. Haley, and shown them xerox copies of the money from the three buys that never were, manufactured evidence the police supplied the court, also a crime. I am now living in Maine and have started the investigation at the Bangor office. Anyone with information on crooked land deals in Holland or the surrounding area, should contact the Bangor FBI at 207 9476670

If I am lying about this I am wasting the time of the FBI, a crime I can be arrested for. When the truth of my claims against these police officers are checked out and proven true, these officers should be arrested for perjury and manufacturing false evidence.

Lets see if the system really works.....
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