An Open Letter to Law Enforcement about Ex-Chief Kevin P. Gleason & Friends


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As the Chief Of Holland Mass. Resigns in Shame & the whole Town is Up In Arms about his Crimes. I am again bringing up what he put My family through while I was in the Hospital & in ICU, Fighting for my life.
Specifics on Chief Kevin P. Gleason & Agent Scott Haley in the Unlawful Entry at 90 Maybrook Rd on March 27, 2003
Affidavit Signed by Agent Scott Haley (Palmer Dist., Mass.) sworn before Janet H. Austin, A Clerk Magistrate
No date on the signature page, but would have been just prior to March 25, 2003.
Affidavit claims 3 marijuana sales by me from my home to a C.I.#62. The police used news clippings of a demonstration & a letter to the editor to fill this 8 page affidavit. The news clippings were counted into the page count, the letter to the editor was gotten & shown to the Clerk Magistrate to support the affidavit. Chief Gleason referred to it in his "official" Press Releases after the raid. This fact was printed in the news stories after the raid.
search warrant docket # 0343 CR-455 also signed by Janet H. Austin issued on March 25,2003. Agent Scott Haley is the applicant as the Lead Agent for the Eastern Hampton County Narcotic Task Force.
The affidavit claimed 3 sales, one was a sale 48 hours prior to the warrant issued on March 25,2003, I was inpatient from March 20, 2003 on through the raid in ICU, & was being operated on as the warrent was being signed on March 25,03. The other sales were claimed on days I was in the emergency room & out of state.
No charges were ever brought against me for the sales, but my wife & daughter were arrested for simple possession & summoned to court on 12/22/04, way after the raid.
The police put into evidence during their trial "photocopied money" that they claimed was used in the sales claimed made by me to C.I.#62 on the dates listed in the affidavit. Why would they do this? No sales charges were made, & I was not charged. The charges against my wife and daughter were dismissed on 8/16/05.
The judge refused the photocopied "evidence"
It is my claim that this "photocopied money" was false evidence produced by the police & presented to the court. This is a crime by the police. It is my claim that the C.I.#62 listed is Michael Zelonis. This person was arrested on my property on Oct 30, 2002, and was in jail at the time of all three claimed sales from my home. I would like my claims investigated.
The police used newspaper clippings of a demonstration that was published by the Southbridge Evening News on Jan,22,2002 and a letter to the editor published on Feb 22, 2003 titled "Legalize Marijuana for Medical Uses" in the Telegram & Gazette to fill up their affidavit. These actions on my part are not illegal.
It is my claim the police did work together to stop my free speech, a violation of my civil rights. I would like this investigated please.
If you go to 01521 . com, and look into X-Chief Kevin P. Gleason, you will see what Holland had for a police Chief. 01521 . com now has a link to the FBI tip line.
The lawyers on this cases was:
Steven Epstine, Esq.
He did the Criminal charges
Erin O'Neil-Baker,ESQ.
She did the Civil Case. It was dismissed by Judge Michael A. Ponsor of Springfield. I had no money left to fight in court and could not appeal.
Any interested Law Enforcement please look into this.
Thank you.
David Bunn
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